Free IOS apps (some with IAP or potentially subscription approaches to create revenue for the developers). Apps are sorted by category and developer name.

APP Technology IAP Description
– Host-Apps —
Apple GarageBand Host (AU +IAA) -
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH Cubasis LE 2 Host (AU + IAA) Requires a supported hardware device or will be in demo mode
( IAP for Cubasis Upgrade and FX )

- Instrument-Plugins -
Aleksei Shchekochikhin aPolyvok‪s APP + AU - Monophonic synth inspired by soviet POLIVOKS synth
Audible Genius Primer synth APP + AU - Subtractive monophonic analogue synth
AudioKit Synth One AB + IAA + LINK - Feature-packed synth for iPad
Blamsoft Viking Synth AU - Emulation of a classic monophonic analog synthesizer
Jatin Chowdhury ChowKick AU Kick drum synthesizer ( IAP for tips )
Fingerlab Mellowsound APP + AB + AU Mellotron emulation( IAP for full version, presets)
Fingerlab Mynth IAA + AU Synthesizer with user drawn waveforms( IAP for full version, presets and saving)
Fingerlab SK-51 IAA + AU All-in-one keyboard inspired by the Casio SK-1( IAP for full version)
James Milton Poly 2 APP + IAA + AB + LINK + AU Generative sequencer for audio and midi( IAP for full version )
KORG KORG iKaossilator APP + IAA X-Y pad beat generator ( IAP for sounds )
KORG KORG Module APP + IAA + AU Sound module ( IAP for sounds )
KV331 Audio SynthMaster One APP + IAA + AB + LINK + AU Wavetable synth ( IAP for sounds )
KV331 Audio SynthMaster Player APP + IAA + AB + AU Preset software synth ( IAP for sounds )
Nikolozi Pty Ltd Mela 1 – Synth & FX AU - Virtual analog synthesizer and multi-effects processor
Nikolozi Pty Ltd Mela 2 – Synth & FX AU - Virtual analog synthesizer and multi-effects processor
Moog Music Moog Model D APP + IAA + AB + LINK + AU Classic analog synth ( IAP for sounds )
ROLI Ltd. NOISE APP + AU Companion app (synth + drums) for Roli devices. ( IAP for sounds )
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH Nanologue APP + IAA - iOS port of the VST3 synth for iPad. ( iPad only)
Stefan Stenzel iOptigan APP + IAA 1970th chord organ using optical discs ( IAP for sounds )
Studiologic Numa Player APP + AU - 4 layer soundmodule with 27 free sounds
Sugar Bytes GmbH Aparillo APP + AU Advanced 16 voice FM synth ( IAP for full version )
Sugar Bytes GmbH DrumComputer APP + AU Drum Maschine ( IAP for full version )
Sugar Bytes GmbH Factory APP + AU Semi modular synth. ( IAP for full version )
Thomas Burns Spectrum AU - 3 Synth based on eurorack synthesizer modules made by Mutable Instruments

— FX-Plugins —
Adam Bell J_NO Chorus AU Vintage chorus effect
Amazing Noises DubFilter AB + IAA Dub Filter is a dual low-pass/high-pass 24/48 dB filter. ( IAP for AU )
Audio Damage, Inc. Rough Rider 2 APP + IAA + AU - Compressor
Audio Damage, Inc. Rough Rider 3 APP + AU - Compression with side chain support
Audio Damage, Inc. FuzzPlus 3 APP + AU - Resonant lowpass filter and a distortion engine with feedback loop.
AudioKit AudioKit Reverb AU - Reverb
Audiomodern EOOD Filterstep APP + AU - Filter sequencer
Audiomodern EOOD Gatelab APP + AU - Gate and CC sequencer
Baby Audio Magic Dice APP + AU - Echo / Reverb
Baby Audio Magic Switch APP + AU - Chorus
Blamsoft Resampler Bitcrusher AU - Bitcrusher
Blamsoft Zero Chorus AU - Simple Chorus
Blamsoft F-16 Filter AU - Filter
Blamsoft DC-9 Overdrive AU - Overdrive
Blamsoft Zero Reverb AU - Simple Reverb
Caelum Audio Flux Min‪i‬ AU - Amp and Filter Modulation Envelope
Caelum Audio Flux Min‪i‬ 2 AU - Advanced Amp and Filter Modulation Envelope
Caelum Audio Tape Cassette AU - Tape saturation, wow and flutter
Caelum Audio Tape Cassette 2 AU - Emulates the warmth, noise and character of old tape cassettes
Evan Murray Intensifier AUv3 APP + AU - Transient shaper
Haruku Mizoshita DL01 - simple delay AU - Delay
Haruku Mizoshita MF01 - multi mode filter AU - Filter
Haruku Mizoshita VB01 - simple reverb AU - Reverb
Imaginando Lda DLYM AU - Produces flanger and chorus style effects
Inphonik PCM2612 Retro Decimator AU - Scalable 8-bit decimation
Jatin Chowdhury ChowCentaur AU - Emulation of the Klon Centaur guitar pedal with circuit modeling or neural network
Jatin Chowdhury ChowTapeModel AU Analog tape maschine emulation ( IAP for tips )
Joerg Knieschewski SimpleStereoWidening AU - Stereo widening
Julien Faure Tone Deluxe AU - Tube amplifier, spring reverb and cabinet
Klevgränd produkter AB Svep IAA + AU - Stereo modulation filter effect - phaser, flanger, chorus
Mani Consulting Ltd Multiband AU - Multiband splitter
Mani Consulting Ltd Stereo Lag Time AU - Adds a small delay between the left and right channels
Matthew Caldwell Frobulator IAA + AB - Experimental stereo modulated filter and delay effect
Matthew Caldwell Muckracker IAA + AB - Abstract audio distortion effect to annihilate your sound
Matthew Caldwell Nebulizer IAA + AB - Echo box with sound stretching and warping
Nembrini Audio S.R.L. 808 Overdrive Pro IAA + AU - Distortion
Nembrini Audio S.R.L. Analog Rack Chorus IAA + AU - Simple chorus
Nembrini Audio S.R.L. Analog Rack Cleaner IAA + AU - Low and highpass filter
Nembrini Audio S.R.L. Analog Rack Delay IAA + AU - Delay with BPM sync
Nembrini Audio S.R.L. Analog Rack Noise Gate IAA + AU - Noise Gate plugin especially tuned for guitar and bass
Nembrini Audio S.R.L. Black Distortion IAA + AU - Distortion plugin modeled on the RAT2* distortion pedal
Nembrini Audio S.R.L. Crunck V2 IAA + AU - Guitar amp simulation
Neon Silicon CuSnP AU - Resonant String simulation
Neon Silicon GyroVibe AU - Vibrato and multi-stage driven filters
Neon Silicon LRC5 AU - Five band EQ
Neon Silicon LRC7 AU - Seven band multitype filter
Neon Silicon NeSi xTrem AU - Stereo-stereo tremolo
Neon Silicon PhaseDelayArray AU - Three effect units chained in an interesting configuration
Neon Silicon Spirangle AU - Tempo Synced Delay with filters
Ngo Minh Ngoc Stereo Lag Time AU - Small delay between the left and right channels
Nikolay Dyatlov EQ-560 APP + AU 10-Band graphic equalizer based on Classic American EQ from the late ’60s (AU free with 5min usage per load, IAP for full version )
Nikolay Dyatlov EQ-A APP + AU EQ based on Classic British EQ from the ’70s (AU free with 5min usage per load, IAP for full version )
Nikolozi Pty Ltd Mela 1 – Synth & FX AU - Distortion, phaser, chorus, flanger and delay with lfo modulations
Nikolozi Pty Ltd Mela 2 – Synth & FX AU - Distortion, phaser, chorus, flanger, delay and compressor with lfo modulations
Polyverse Music Wider by Infected Mushroom AU - Stereo Expander
Pulsar Novation Lunar Lander AU BBD Delay, Plate Reverb and Saturation ( IAP for full version )
Ryo Togawa ChannelEqualizer AU - Three band EQ
Thomas Burns Spectrum AU - Resonator FX based on eurorack modulse made by Mutable Instruments
ToneBoosters TB Spectrogram AU - Real-time spectrogram of the incoming audio signal
Ultimate Guitar Tonebridge Guitar Effects IAA + AB + AU - Preset Guitar FX

— Midi-Plugins —
Audeonic Apps StreamByter AU - Midi scripting language with GUI
Audeonic Apps mfxMonitor AU - Display midi events in a scrolling window
Kai Aras MIDISpy AU - Monitor midi events
Rodrigo Roman Physicles AU - Generates midi note based on physics simulation
Uwyn LLC MIDI Tape Recorder AU - MPE recorder and looper

— Misc —
Rodrigo Roman sequencism APP - Simple music sketchbook
Audible Genius Syntorial APP Synthesizer Programming traing app with sample lessons. ( IAP for full version )

Technology Legend

  • APP : Standalone (often with mic input and capable of saving the output)
  • HOST : App that can load other plugins
  • IAA : Inter App Audio plugin (Single fullscreen instance, no state saving)
  • AB : AudioBus support (extends IAA with lot more features like state saving or remote control)
  • AU : Audio Unit (Multiple instances, state saving)
  • LINK : (Protocoll to beat sync apps)



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