• Here are some forums you can visit to find out more information about how to use iOS music creation apps. The forum links take you to the forum and links in the owner section are to the App Store for developer forums. The name of the developer's most active app was used or the developer's name if they've created several active apps.
  • It may be a good idea to browse the forums to see how active they are. For smaller forums without much recent activity, it might be good to look at a larger forum which discusses a wide variety of iOS music creation topics (e.g. the Audiobus forum).
  • Developer forums are frequently the best place to report any bugs you've been experiencing to the developer so they can attempt to address them.
  • Please suggest or add other sites to this list.
Akai MPCFocused on hardware and desktop MPCiMPC Pro 2
AudiobusiOS, Desktop, music creationAudiobus
Audio Evolution Mobile StudioSupport, Feature Requests, Multiplatform DAWAudio Evolution Mobile Studio
Audulusmodular visual programming app, tutorials, integration with Eurorack modular systems, modular techniques, synthesis, DSPAudulus
AuriaSupport, Feature requests, User Creations, TutorialsAuria Pro
BeatmakerSupport, Feature request, Tutorials, FAQs, User CreationsBeatmaker 3
Cubasissubforums for Cubasis and other Steinberg apps, Support, Feature Requests, TutorialsCubasis 2
discchordDiscuss a wide range of iOS music topics posted to the site.
iPad Musicians FacebookA Facebook group you can join to discuss iOS music creation.
NanostudioNanostudio discussion, tutorials, IAP, App supportNanostudio 2
RetronymsDevelopers Facebook page for getting supportiMPC Pro 2
StagelightDiscuss the multiplatform DAW and related topicsStagelight

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