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Favorite and important Audiobus Forum threads. Much of this information will make its way into future wiki pages and articles

Free Sample Fodder Thread - discussion which contains links to free samples and sample libraries

Post Your Soundcloud - thread where AB Forum members post links to their soundcloud channels

Octachron Polyrhythms video link - this post links to cool Octachron video demo

Moog Model 15 for Noobs - Moog Model 15 tips

Creating samples for a manually configured instrument - method for sampling your synths to use in a sampler

Post Your iOS Setup - Member Hardware setups @Dwarfman was a MIDI master.

Is 64-bit mixing worth it - Some good info about 16 vs 24 vs 32 bit audio formats

Serious WTF... I’m getting same DSP % in AUM with same preset on new iPad Air3 as on my Air2?! - discussion includes good info about the use and abuse of CPU load indicators

make-any-sawtooth-or-string-like-sound-sing-a-e-i-u-o-ä-ü-ö-and-other-speech-like-sounds - vowels with parametric EQs/Graphic EQs/Bandpassfilters

audiobus-members-emporium-of-the-finest-and-most-exotic-freeware-plugins-from-around-the-world/ - a selection of nice and free VSTs & AUs

nave-warning-dc-offset - what is dc offset and how to remove and why its important to do that

questions-about-idam - idam - how to quickly send audio and midi from iOS to your Mac without buying anything

audiobus-3-ableton-link-start-stop-sync - audiobus-3-ableton-link-start-stop-sync

AUv3 Parameter Visibility in AUM - Explanation of why some AUv3 parameters aren't seen in AUM – because devs did not mark them as writable

NanoStudio tutorial links - Some posts in this thread have links to NS2 tutorials

tips-on-making-percussion-sounds-with-synths - synth percussion

If you could send a newbie only one video about the possibilities of iOS music, what would it be? - Videos of interest to iOS Music Novices

Lorentz Spectra - Free Preset bank - Free preset bank for Lorentz from @_ki

Why you need to record at 96kHz to get frequencies up to 20 kHz - Video from Blue Mangoo

Article about App Thinning - NOTE: link does NOT lead to AudioBus Forum content.

You know that “retroactive” looper in Endlessss that is so cool? Well, Mssr. Bram did it first! - Retroactive looping with Kosmonaut

Some Gadget MIDI CC Mappings - Some charts (as jpegs) of some Gadget MIDI cc mappings

Korg Gadget MIDI Implementation discussion - –

Blue Mangoo Compressor (analysis tips) - The thread has some interesting tips for analyzing audio for aliasing and distortion artifacts

Volume Controls - (Not AB Forum Article) article about programming volume controls. Of particular interest to people working in Audulus

Essential Trick with iMS20/Memphis - Feeding audio into iMS20 for processing including itself.

How to turn a simple sample kick into 808 sub. Using Cubasis, AudioLayer, FAC Bandit and korvpressor - Nice technique for creating an 808-style sub from a kick drum sample

Quantum mini-tutorials - Quantum tutorials

Glitchbreaks emulation - Post with AUM session download that uses Moazaic and Glitchcore to emulate Glitchbreaks

Sending MIDI to LUMBeat Apps From AUM - Thread showing how to send MIDI notes to LUMBeat apps such as Mid East Drummer, Soft Drummer, etc.

Music apps you totally adore or have inspired you - Great list of iconic iOS music apps

Guitar IR Tone Tips - Using IR files to simlulate cabinets REALLY helps but it's confusing.

Ownhammer IR Installation Tip - Schmotown's advice on installing the Summary cabinet's from the Ownhammer rEvolution Bundle

iVCS3 - encoding LFOs and envelopes as waves - Tutorial by JEC demonstrating how to use wav files to encode LFO’s and envelopes

Send MIDI to GEOSHRED SWAM - How to send plain midi to GeoShred’s SWAM instruments

Hammerhead Tip - Experimenting with different pattern divisions - Excellent tip and diagram from @tk32!

Apps for Music Video Creation - List of apps for music video creation by @Paulinko

2021 iOS App Sales & Discussion - 2021 App Sales

Korg Gadget CC Mapping - Jan 2022 updated list of Korg Gadget Cc Mappings

KORG GADGET Midi Implementation Chart - Painstakingly compiled list of every MIDI CC by @uberhaus

How to update BlueBoard Firmware on Windows - Great tips for updating firmware on a bricked iRig BlueBoard

List of AUv3 apps that work on M1 Macs (and in Ableton) - iOS Audio Units that also run on M1 Macs

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