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Start/stop/sync in AUM

I'm having a really hard time getting DrumJam to start when I am using Link.

If I put DrumJam in an AUM session, if I start it first, I can get it going. But if I add it to an ongoing session, it remains stuck with a “waiting to start” message. I've tried all the sync/start settings.


Turn off link in Drum Jam. You don’t need it. IAA Sync will take care of sync and start/stop if it’s loaded in AUM.

If you have Audiobus 3. You can use its palette's start button to start AUM and the LUMbeat apps together.

if you save your AB3 configuration with AUM in it, it will launch and load AUM when you open it. You only need to set it up once.

And a pending update of AUM (waiting with bait breath) will add Link Start/Stop too which I need for the LumBeats App Suite.

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