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 ==== Math and Logic modules ==== ==== Math and Logic modules ====
 === Muting loop slices in realtime === === Muting loop slices in realtime ===
-(Get the Drambo project from [[https://patchstorage.com/muting-flexi-sampler-slices-in-real-time/|Muting Flexi slices live]])+(Get the Drambo project from Patchstorage: [[https://patchstorage.com/muting-flexi-sampler-slices-in-real-time/|Muting Flexi slices live]]) 
 +Flexi can trigger different slices from different keyboard notes (pitches). By using the Function, Negate and Add modules, pitch information from the MIDI to CV module is compared with its CV-quantized version. The respective slice is only triggered when the CV quantizer note for that slice is enabled.
 {{::109dd41f-b273-42f9-afae-86952b5ed372.jpeg?1000|}} {{::109dd41f-b273-42f9-afae-86952b5ed372.jpeg?1000|}}
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