How to example :

To control Bram Bos’ app Troublemaker on iPad with another phone with AUM.

In setting up your send device (for this e.g. an iPhone) go into the Settings tab, scroll to the bottom to Bluetooth MIDI and touch Peripheral. Turn on to advertise your device.

Now on your host device (e.g. iPad) go into the AUM Settings and under Bluetooth MIDI choose Central and select your send device (in this e.g. the iPhone.)

Now, in the MIDI set up for your MIDI send device (e.g. iPhone with Rozeta Bassline loaded in AUM) go to MIDI Route and link the Bassline to the Bluetooth iPad in the Matrix.

On the iPad make sure that in MIDI Route you connect the Troublemaker from iPhone. It should work.

Check all your MIDI channel stuff if its still not working.

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