BitWiz with FX

BitWiz is an app that creates sounds using bytebeat code the user can enter into the app. The variables for the code in the video has eight letters (x, y, a, b, m, n, u, and v) which are all controlled via MIDI CC sent out from Photon AU.

BitWiz with effects video.

You can strongly influence the bpm of the sounds generated by the code by using a MIDI source where you control the bpm of the CC messages sent to control code variables. When BitWiz is hosted in an IAA app like AUM, changing the host’s bpm will then trickle down thru your MIDI control app and then onto BitWiz.

r=1*(x+a+m+u)/(y+b+n+v), z=(t*((x/2)+1) % (32-y)|z/t)| (t*((a/64)+1) % (4-b)|z/t)| (t*((m/8)+1) % (128-n)|z/t)| (t*((u/256)+1) % (16-v)|z/t)

Photon AU using the BWbass01.mid file going out on the first pad it’s loaded on to control BitWiz using 8 MIDI CC values assigned to 8 variables in the BitWiz equation. MIDI CC 17 on channel 1 has been assigned to toggle the audio output between just the output from BitWiz and the effected output from BitWiz.

FAC Bandit is set on ll Vechio Warmer Mix preset, FAC Envolver adds gating with SQ BrB Dub Style preset, Perforator adds more gating with the Rapido preset, BLEASS delay adds delay with the Time Explorer preset and finally some saturation is added with Limiter-Audio Processor.

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