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BeepStreet Drambo

There has been a great deal of interest in it since it was first announced. In recent months, a number of videos have been posted demonstrating its many features. After a long and desperate but also somewhat entertaining wait, Drambo was officially released to the public on April 1st in 2020.

Drambo is a sequencer and easy-to-use modular synth with user sample support. For an FAQ, scroll to the end of this article.

App type: App and AUv3

App store link: NONE! This software is still in development.

Developer: Beep Street

Developer AB Forum Handle: @giku_beepstreet


NOTE: Some of this page and some videos below were created while the software was in beta. The software was released to the public on April 1, 2020.

Quick start (6 minutes):

A more detailed tutorial (38 minutes):

A fun video teaser – Digital Katharsis 2 – from @Giku_beepstreet:

QuickStart — from bcrichards

Copy/Paste Trick

WaveSequencing Experiment

Tutorial Series (Playlist):

Here's an index of the Drambo-related videos I've found in the Monster thread.

Resampling any track in realtime: In this case, the master track.

Indian chief/heavy breather and a super saw at the end, all drambo modules.

Using Drambo standalone and simultaneously use other unrelated ios apps at the same time. Meaning I can make music and watch youtube! Game over!

Flexi sampler is feeling great now, quick lofi sample automation.

Export audio files as perfect loops.

Drambo Beta step component’jump’

Drambo beat 4

Drambo beta 2:

BeepStreet Drambo Chinese Circus (prerelease demo):

Drambo App test 1 - live - modulated event generators

Drambo App test 2 (low quality)

Drambo Filter modulations

Drambo First impressions

Drambo Scratch patterns

BeepStreet Drambo Alpha Testing:


Drambo AUV3 (Instructional): Covers several use cases for the AUV3 instance of Drambo: sequencing other apps, recording midi, audio effect, and as a sound source in other apps.

Drambo Cello:

Drambo Clocks and Scenes:

Drambo Generator Modules (instructional): Overview of most of the Generator modules in current beta version Drambo

Drambo Processor Modules (instructional): Overview of most of the Processor modules in current beta version Drambo

Drambo Sample mangling:

Drambo Sample slicing:

Drambo Sampler and Flex Sampler (instructional): Overview of features in the Sampler and Flex Sampler modules. note: Outdated. Flexi sampler is new version of Flex; includes new features and fixed bugs.

Drambo Start_stop effects on sampler:

Drambo Switchers and trigger button:

Drambo Tracks (instructional): Overview of audio routing between tracks. NOTE: outdated, new system of audio routing between tracks has been introduced.

Drambo a quick Impaktor like patch:

Drambo creating a basic subtractive synth:

Drambo fun with sampler in scratch mode #2:

Drambo resonant ants:

Drambo (modular groovebox) acid rack:

Drambo (untitled):

One sound in Drambo:

Playing with Drambo on iPhone XS:

Drambo Beta - Some Basics (instructional): Overview of core features included in standalone app. Outdated.

Drambo Beta Master Track Transpose:

Drambo Signal and Routing Modules (instructional): Overview of how signal moves in Drambo, how to connect modules, and how to set up modulation.

A short clip using classic synthesis and physical modeling:

Shiro - another example -

BCRichard - another example -

Shiro - P-Lockery -

RS2000 - sequenced sequencer -

Shiro - 2020/93/28 -

@giku_beepstreet published this module list

  1. XY pad
  2. Reverb
  3. Reset time
  4. MIDI to CV
  5. Scale
  6. CV glide
  7. Frequency shifter
  8. Transient detector
  9. Half rectify
  10. Maximum
  11. AN kick
  12. MIDI monitor
  13. Recorder
  14. Mixer
  15. Flexi sampler
  16. Poly to mono
  17. X-Fader
  18. Decimator
  19. Env AD mod
  20. Audio input
  21. S&H
  22. Exp
  23. Shift time
  24. Retrigger
  25. L/R to stereo
  26. MIDI output
  27. Integrator
  28. MIDI CC
  29. Pulse divider
  30. Noise
  31. Env AD
  32. LFO
  33. Add
  34. Quantize
  35. Phaser
  36. Bend time
  37. Freq to CV
  38. Pitch (oct,semi,fine)
  39. MIDI delay
  40. MIDI humanizer
  41. Pan
  42. Env Flex
  43. AND
  44. Gyroscope
  45. Reverse time
  46. Multiply
  47. MIDI to Poly
  48. Shaper
  49. Shot sampler
  50. Filter
  51. Compressor
  52. Peaking EQ
  53. Pitch
  54. Amp env ADSR
  55. Cosinus
  56. Delay rack
  57. Gate+velocity sequencer
  58. Offset
  59. Graphic shaper
  60. Layers
  61. OR
  62. Voice selector
  63. Pitch shifter
  64. Scale time
  65. Clip
  66. Full rectify
  67. Gate inverter
  68. Sampler
  69. MIDI CC generator
  70. Amp
  71. Number
  72. Clock generator
  73. Env ADSR
  74. Slew limiter
  75. CV quantizer
  76. Procesor rack
  77. Impulse
  78. Instrument rack
  79. Oscillator
  80. Oscillator: Supersaw
  81. Graphic env
  82. CV to freq
  83. Envelope follower
  84. LFO (stereo)
  85. MIDI key pressure modulator
  86. Oscillator (semi)
  87. Bit redux
  88. Negate
  89. Amp env AD
  90. Sqrt
  91. Stereo to mono
  92. Delay FX
  93. Adder
  94. XOR
  95. Minimum
  96. Subtract
  97. CV sequencer
  98. Amp env AHD
  99. Counter
  100. Audio out
  101. Sinus
  102. AMP env AD mod
  103. Function
  104. Stochastic gate gen
  105. Comb filter
  106. Section
  107. 1/x
  108. Random
  109. Log
  110. Divide
  111. Pitch (overtone)
  112. Knob
  113. Oscilloscope
  114. Stereo width
  115. Delay
  116. Layer mixer
  117. Modal resonator
  118. Trigger button
  119. FM operator
  120. Mono to stereo
  121. Chorus
  122. Stereo to L/R
  123. Text box
  124. Voice number


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