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 Using MIDI Route to record output of a MIDI FX AUv3 Using MIDI Route to record output of a MIDI FX AUv3
 {{youtube>hQqT2NusQyE}} {{youtube>hQqT2NusQyE}}
 +===== Housekeeping - Intelligent File Management =====
 +Win Conway / 5pinlink had some nice videos regarding the subject, but they are deleted. Picking up tk32's brain and doing some post digging brought us these nuggets:
 +  * After making trims and edits to a sample in bm3, it is advised to save a new version of the sample inside the project folder, and then re-load this new saved version onto the pad. Doing this hugely reduces the chance you will see 'sample missing' errors later on and ensures your edited samples are always self contained in the project folder (making backups easier)
 +  * Store your imported samples in a separate folder to 'Samples' and 'Imports'. Separating imported content makes backup/transfer/housekeeping easier in the future.
 +  * Use the 'Sessions' folder exclusively for exporting completed tracks (as a self contained folder with all samples that you can backup to the cloud)
 +  * You can create a custom default project by saving it and zipping the project folder. When you want to create a new blank project simply unzip this zip file and rename the folder with the title of your new track. (I may need to provide more information for this tip)
 +  * Create a new blank session and save it with a name such as New_Session.bm3 or Init.bm3 and then whenever you want to start a new project, open this, and choose Save As with your new project name. This will point unsaved samples and audiotracks to this folder, making it easier to cleanup later, instead of creating multiple Unsaved Session folders that would make you lose control
 ===== Videos ===== ===== Videos =====
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