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Beatmaker 3

Audio and MIDI workstation for iOS with integrated sampler and beat slicer.

App type: App

App store link:

Developer: INTUA

Developer AB Forum Handle:

This section has links to sites or Audiobus Forum discussion related to BeatMaker 3 :

Using MIDI Route to record output of a MIDI FX AUv3

Intua’s BeatMaker video playlist

SoundForMore BeatMaker tutorial playlist.

ElbowMedia Studios extensive tutorials

Here are some videos people have found helpful. Most of these video creators have other BeatMaker 3 videos, too. So, explore their pages for more.

Electronisounds - Sound Designer Workshop 01

Electronisounds - LFO Technique For Drum Sounds

Henny Tha Bizness and Ken Lewis Mixing with BM3

SoundTestRoom - Getting Started: Making Easy Beats and Loops

Henny Tha Bizness - How To Make Beats (training video)

Electronisounds - Connecting and Mapping a Novation Rig

Some AUv3 seem to result in instability in BeatMaker 3. The following AU have been mentioned by Audiobus Forum users as problematic in BM3:

  • D1 (Audiokit)
  • FM Player 2 (Audiokit)
  • Fly Tape (MSXII)
  • Axon (AudioDamage)
  • Replicant 2 (AudioDamage)

Please add to this list.

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