Audulus Tips and Tricks

Audulus 3 is a DSP and MIDI programming environment for Mac, iOS, Windows and Linux. While it has a steep learning curve if you want to program from scratch, there is a large library of modules that can be linked together as in any modular synth system.

This page provides helpful hints and tips for working in Audulus.

There is huge collection (over 140 MB) of example patches that you can download from their forum.

On iOS, Audulus 3 uses the iOS auto-save features. While it maintains a seemingly endless Undo buffer during one session, the undo buffer is cleared when the editing session ends. Since there is no Save As or Save A Copy while inside a file, it is worth developing some habits to make sure that you have a copy that you can go back to.

It is generally a good idea, before you start editing an Audulus file to make a backup copy of your project in its file browser. A good habit is to always either make a backup copy before starting a session and periodically exit your project and make a backup copy so that you have a waypoint to return to should things go amiss while working.

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