Audiobus Forum Tips

Use this page to collect useful tips for using the Audiobus Forum more effectively.

  • Searching in a thread (courtesy of forum member @dobbs):
    • Type your search term into either the forum search box or into Google search.
    • Then type a space and copy/paste the link of the thread after it.
    • Delete the part at the end after the thread title (example: #latest, /p31, etc) then use the site: command. so what you enter into google search looks something like this:
  • Add your tips here!
  • Fixing unexpected formatting: Certain characters trigger special formatting in the forum. For instance, if you start a line with #, the forum interprets that as saying you want a big “level 1” heading. So, what to do if you wanted to start a line off with something like #1 and you don't want it in a huge font? When things like this happen, go back and put a \ before the character (ex: \#1).
  • Posting small inline bits of code: If you need to post something that might be interpreted as forum formatting, or if you want something to stand out as code, enclose the text in single “back tick” (`) marks. For instance, `SendMIDINoteOn` will display something like SendMIDINoteOn. The back tick character can be hard to find on some keyboards. (Hint: on iOS on-screen keyboard long press the apostrophe until the alternate characters are displayed, then slide your finger toward the character.)
  • Posting multi-line bits of code: To prevent the forum making a mess out of multiple lines of code, place three consecutive back ticks (```) on a line by themselves before and after the code. This will enclose the code in a nice box and prevent any of it from being interpreted as formatting code.
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