Audiobus 3

"Send live audio or MIDI from one Audiobus-compatible app or AUv3 Audio Unit to another. Add effects on top of your favorite synthesizer, and use your favorite step sequencer to drive it. Or plug in your guitar, and create your own effects chain, in parallel with your mic input. Adjust the mix and balance with the mixer. And send the result to your favorite DAW, sampler or looper, or run it out through a multi-channel audio interface.

Integrate your music gear with Audiobus: connect a Bluetooth or wired MIDI keyboard to play a synth or other app or Audio Unit. Or, control your whole session from a foot switch or other MIDI controller using Audiobus' MIDI Learn In-App Purchase. And sync with external hardware with Audiobus' best-in-class MIDI clock." from the App Store description.

App type: App

App store link: AppStore IconAudiobus 3

Developer: Audiobus Pty Ltd

Developer AB Forum Handle: @Michael

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