The AUv3 standard includes the feature of multiple inputs and outputs per plugin, but it was like a chicken and egg problem: since there were no hosts supporting the feature, there were no plugins that would use it and therefor no need for the hosts to implement it at all. This changed in february 2020.

This page contains a list of hosts and AUs supporting this feature, which is also known as „auv3 multi out“, „multi in“ or „au sidechain“ .

apeSoft apeMatrix AU/IAA Routing Tool input & output bus support for instruments and effects
Kymatica AB AUM Audio Mixer input & output bus support for instruments and effects
Ryo Togawa VADrumSM Virtual Analog Drum Machine Stand-alone can host AUv3 FX with multi-bus support
4 Pockets DigiKeys Midi Sequencer and Rompler 6 output busses
4 Pockets DigiStix Drum Maschine 8 output busses
4 Pockets EvolverFX Wave Synthesizer and Sequencer 4 output busses
4 Pockets MultiTrack Audio Recorder & MultiTrack Player 3 input and 8 output busses
BeepStreet Drambo Modular Groovebox 8 output busses
Bram Bos Ruismaker Drum Machine 8 output busses
Bram Bos Ruismaker FM Drum Machine 6 output busses
Elliott Garage EP Pulse Drum Machine / Sampler 16 output busses
Elliott Garage sEGments Slicer / Sampler 16 output busses
James Milton Poly 2 Generative Drum Sequencer 10 output busses
JimAudio Pure Acid TB 303 and TR Drum Machines 4 output busses
Living Memory Software LayR Multi Timbral Synth 8 output busses
Marinus JG van de Molegraph DrumPerfect Pro Drum Maschine 16 output busses (AU Player)
Mifiki Limited miRack Eurorack Style Modular Environment 8 output busses
Ryo Togawa VADrumSM Virtual Analog Drum Maschine 17 output busses
Ryouta Kira KQ Dixie 6-OP FM Synth 16 output busses
4 Pockets Sidechain Compressor Compressor Sidechain input
4 Pockets NuRack Audio FX Processor 3 input and 3 output busses
Audio Damage Filterstation2 Stereo Filter FX Sidechain input
Audio Damage RoughRider3 Compressor Sidechain input
BLEASS BLEASS sidekick Compressor Sidechain input
Bram Bos Scatterbrain Audio Splitter 4 output busses
Bram Bos WOOTT Multiband OTT Dynamics Main, low-, mid-, and high-band outputs
Christian Siedschlag MagicDeathEyeStereo Compressor Sidechain input
Christian Siedschlag NYCompressor Compressor 4 Sidechain inputs
FabFilter Pro-C 2 Compressor Sidechain input
FabFilter Pro-DS De-Esser Sidechain input
FabFilter Pro-G Gate / Expander Sidechain input
FabFilter Pro-L 2 Limiter Sidechain input
FabFilter Pro-MB Multiband Dynamics Sidechain input
FabFilter Pro-Q 2 EQ Sidechain input
FabFilter Pro-Q 3 Dynamic EQ Sidechain input
FabFilter Saturn 2 Distortion/Saturation Sidechain input
Frederic Corvest FAC Alteza Shimmer Reverb Sidechain input
Frederic Corvest FAC Bandit Multiband Effects Main, low-, mid- and high-band outputs
Mani Consulting Ltd Multiband Compressor Multiband Compressor Sidechain input
Mifiki Limited miRack Eurorack Style Modular Environment 8 input and 8 output busses
Nikolozi Pty Ltd Mela - Synth & FX Multi Effect Sidechain input
ToneBoosters TB Compressor Compressor Sidechain input
ToneBoosters TB Equalizer Dynamic EQ Sidechain input
Woodman’s I.M.S.S. WoodLofier Lo-Fi Multi Effect Sidechain input
Woodman’s I.M.S.S. WoodNGate Gate Sidechain input
Woodman’s I.M.S.S. Woodpressor Compressor Sidechain input
Woodman’s I.M.S.S. Woodulator Delay and Pitch shifter Sidechain input


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  • Instrument: Audio Damage Axon 2
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