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Actions - Sequencing Triggered Actions This page has move to the official Loop Pro Wiki: loopy_pro 2024/06/18 08:05
Loopy Pro: Audio Unit Extension Folder As a byproduct of the way that iOS/iPadOS sandbox AUv3 in some versions of the OS, the Loopy Pro AUv3/s folders are not visible in Files app (or other file browsers). Loopy Pro's project browser gives access to that folder. 2024/04/08 04:45
Loopy Pro: AUv3 Presets Any presets you can see in Loopy's preset popup menu will be available to its preset actions. Tap on the folder icon at the top of the AUv3 to see the presets Loopy can see. Some AUv3 have proprietary preset-saving methods and do not make their internal presets visible to the host app or make only a subset of their presets visible. 2024/04/14 01:28 ,
Loopy Pro: Control Profiles This page covers useful information not covered in the manual. Copying Global Profiles to (Local) Project and Vice Versa * Choose Control Settings from the main menu. * Display the profile you want to copy. * Tap in the Duplicate Profile icon 2024/02/08 11:53
Export Clips Loopy Pro provides a few way to export clips: * Selected Clips (Layout Page) On the layout page, draw a selection rectangle around the clips to export. A menu pops up, choose Export. * All Clips (Project Panel) Tap the folder icon to pop up the project panel. Tap the export icon. Choose 2024/05/15 10:13
Loopy Pro: Foot Controllers. For musicians whose hands are busy during performance, footswitches/pedals are invaluable for controlling Loopy Pro. This page is a place for tips about using footswitches. Basic Setup. For simple triggers, it is preferred to have the foot controller set up to send an ON message when pressed and an OFF message when released. Typically, these messages will be MIDI CC or MIDI Note messages. Other MIDI messages can also be used but offer less flexibility. Expression p… 2024/04/20 00:12
Loopy Pro: Gestures This page provides information about Loopy Pro gestures not covered in the Loopy Pro manual. Gesture FAQ How do you remove a default gesture? To remove one of Loopy Pro's default gestures, replace the default action with a new one: 2024/02/01 11:37 ,
Loopy Pro: Getting Started with MIDI Learn This article is a quick reference outlining getting up and running with MIDI Learn. You may want to read the manual's MIDI Learn section. For more depth, you may want to dig into the many tutorials found on YouTube. There are links to some popular series on the 2024/03/17 04:02 ,
Actions Tips and Tricks Loopy Pro's actions can provide control over almost every aspect of Loopy Pro and can be used to create custom behavior. Actions are used by the MIDI Learn/MIDI Binding system, widgets (buttons, sliders, dials, etc), gestures and follow action system to control Loopy Pro. 2024/05/15 10:01
Post examples of binding for controllers such as foot switches to control Loopy Pro here. 2023/12/19 07:50
Loopy Pro: Sending Pitchbend from a Slider or Dial in progress. text coming loopy_pro 2023/11/13 04:53
MIDI Troubleshooting Loopy Pro's MIDI Learn is generally straightforward and transparent. If you run into problems, the information on this page should help you solve the problem and, if not, it should provide you with the details needed for Loopy Pro support or other users to resolve your problem. 2024/04/13 04:31 ,
Loopy Pro: Multiple Paths for An Input This page demonstrates a method for sending the same input (mic, guitar, whatever) to different colors that are set up with their own effects and monitoring through one color. You can switch the color being monitored using a widget. This method records dry loops but you hear them 2022/01/04 02:20
Performance Videos Wonder what people get up to live with Loopy Pro, here is a small selection of performance videos--these barely scratch the surface of how you can use Loopy Pro in performance. Feel free to add any new Loopy Pro performance videos that strike your fancy. You can find more on the 2024/05/21 05:12 ,
Loopy Pro: Sending Diagnostics If you are having some kinds of problems using Loopy Pro (for instance, incoming MIDI Clock or audio interface issues), you may be asked to provide a diagnostic report. To do this: 1 - Go to the the Settings app and turn on Loopy Pro's Diagnostic Mode: 2024/01/28 06:03 ,
Loopy Pro: Sequencer / Timeline This article contains useful odds and ends about Loopy Pro's Sequencer/Timeline. Seek Timeline Action The Seek Timeline action is used to move the sequencers playhead. It is available to use for widgets and MIDI bindings. 2024/02/12 11:32
Session Recording Session recording has two different ways of capturing a performance: audio or sequence recording. An audio recording captures the performance as audio files for the selected sources. A sequence recording captures the performance as events in the sequence timeline. 2024/05/07 03:28
Simple Looper Tutorial Projects The Simple Looper Tutorial Projects is a set of Loopy Pro projects designed to teach some of Loopy Pro's basic operations. They are geared towards beginning loopers. Before Getting Started A few things that may be helpful to know before getting started. 2024/05/15 07:37 , ,
Loopy Pro: Templates Templates are projects that can be used as stationery. When you create a new project, your template is used if there is only one template. If there is more than one template, you are presented with a list of available templates. 2024/04/19 00:11 ,
Tips and Tricks Here are some handy tips for using Loopy Pro. If you are having a problems, see loopy_pro_troubleshooting. Multiple Paths For An Input - Demonstration of how to send the same input to different colors/tracks, each with its own effect chain. This demonstration shows how to set it up to hear the tracks/inputs wet but record them dry. 2024/05/23 04:54
Loopy Pro: Troubleshooting Audio Connections As of iOS/iPadOS 17.5, the OS itself manages the connection to audio interfaces and apps have little influence. In most cases, when there are problems with an audio device connection the issue is system-wide and out of the control of individual apps. 2024/05/18 03:41 ,
Loopy Pro: Troubleshooting Your First Loop If you are running into problems getting started, this page is intended to help you get started. If things don't work out as described, the problems you encounter will provide clues about what is going wrong. 2024/02/29 01:58 ,
Loopy Pro: Troubleshooting Transients Loopy Pro’s default settings are set to eliminate clicks at loop boundaries for loops recorded in real-time. “Clicky” loops result when there is even a slight discontinuity at the loop boundaries and when loops start or end with a non-zero amplitude. 2024/04/03 06:20 ,
Loopybeta LOOPY BETA - STUB Sorry for the mess -- someone add useful stuff here. Just getting this started so there is something for people to get started on FOR AUTHORS Please add new pages in the loopybeta namespace. It is visible to use beta testers but not the general public. Eventually, these pages will be moved to the main wiki 2021/11/12 07:26
This is just an editing test for my own 1st page in this wiki 2021/11/06 16:47
Overview Audio sources are what is captured when you record a loop In the standalone app. An audio source can be an external input such as the device's microphone, an AUv3 hosted in Loopy Pro, or even the output of a color. In the AUv3 app the input can be the host's audio input or a 2021/11/07 06:32
About Colors Overview Stay tuned ... [SUGGESTIONS TO AUTHOR: Things to include: colors assigned with paint bucket are functional and associated with properties that you can edit by tapping the color's pencil. these aren't merely cosmetic.] 2021/11/07 10:40
FAQ 2021/11/07 03:17
How to move projects between standalone Loopy Pro and the AUv3 Due to the way that iOS works, an AUv3 does not use the same folder as the standalone app. The AUv3's folder is not visible to users. Loopy Pro's standalone app can move projects to and from the AUv3's folder. 2021/11/12 07:30
Quick Track Freeze in Hosts to Save CPU NOTE: Work in Progress Not yet fully validated and may not include recent app changes. This quick method can be used to freeze a track in a host such as AUM when CPU use is getting too high. This guide is written for AUM, but can be used in any host that supports AUFx. The idea is to record the input from an app that is already playing some kind of loop, so that the plugin can be disabled or removed to save CPU. 2021/11/12 09:33
Loopy Pro Quick Overview For Beta Testers Loopy Pro can be very deep, but out of the box it is as straightforward as the classic Loopy. This guide is here to get you up and running with the basics. We'll get deeper elsewhere. This article is to help beta testers get oriented since the docs and tutorials that will get new users oriented are not yet available. 2021/11/24 16:12
Quick Start: Auto Detect Looping This quick start describes one way to get going quickly within the AUv3 version loaded in AUM. It's aimed at starting off by playing and having Loopy take care of setting the loop and the tempo for the rest of the project. 2021/11/08 04:04
Work in progress ... Quick Start - Fixed Length Looping Loopy can do a great job auto detecting loops that you just play into it, setting the tempo, trimming the loop, and everything. But, it isn't always perfect and may not fit your style. This quick start is aimed at getting the first loop of a project recorded and the project tempo set when you 2021/11/07 15:41
About the Settings Hierarchy Loopy has a powerful and flexible system for managing settings at different levels. Understanding where settings are made and and what they apply to is helpful for getting started and to unlock Loopy's true power. There is a hierarchy for looping settings starting with 2021/11/12 07:18
Use Solo Actions to Limit to One Loop Per Color 2021/11/24 16:11
Ableton Ableton (Link and Live File Export) Ableton is a music software company that developed Ableton Live (a DAW for macOS and Windows), software instruments, sample libraries and hardware controllers. However there are several connections with IOS music making: 2022/10/19 17:41 ,
Add An App Add App to ABWIKI Fill in this form to add an app or plugin to the Audiobus Wiki. Please do a wiki search using the search box to make sure that there is not already a page about the app. Hint: much of the info for this form can be found on the AudioBus Compatible Apps page After you've submitted the form, you will be able to visit the page and add additional details if you would like. 2019/05/14 07:12
All Pages Page Index Below is a list of the pages of the Audiobus Wiki. It does not include the pages in special directories of interest only to admins and frequent contributors. Page List index 2020/02/05 05:27
All Tags Browse by tags Here's a list of all tags used on the Audiobus wiki. Learn more about the wiki's tagging features. 2019/05/09 13:17
Amp Simulation Tips And Tricks Amp Simulation Tips and Tricks This article is intended for tips and tricks related to getting a good guitar/bass sounds and distortion on iOS. Tips and Tricks Links and Videos Add links to Audiobus forum threads and other articles or videos related to getting good guitar and bass tones on iOS. 2019/12/31 06:14 , , ,
Animoog Complex Timbre Animoog Complex Timbre Complex Single Cycle Waveforms composed of multiple single cycle waves. The AKWF_birds_0002 example in the timbre tutorial shows there can be significant issues to take into consideration with complex single cycle wave forms wit 2019/05/10 10:09
Animoog Retire Duplicate page retired. Please visit the main Animoog page 2019/05/29 03:18
Animoog Timbre Animoog Topics * Complex wave timbre Video Animoog Timbre Creation using TwistedWave | MasterClass Create a tuned Animoog timbre file * A tuned Animoog timbre file is a mono wav file with 16 single cycle wave forms. * At a sample rate of 44100 samples/second (44.1kHz), there are 1024 samples for each single cycle (approximately 0.023 seconds) for a total of 16384 samples (0.371 seconds) per timbre. 2019/05/10 07:39 , ,
Animoog Animoog Animoog is a well-regarded iOS synthesizer available in iPhone and iPad versions. Both versions use the identical audio engine but have slightly different user interfaces. On the iPad, you can run an instance of each app. The Anisotropic Synth Engine is a variety of wavetable synthesis that morphs between 8 timbres (wavetables) 2020/02/05 05:02 , , , ,
Aparillo Aparillo “The cinematic machine. Aparillo is an advanced 16 voice FM synth tailored for complex sound structures , majestic motions, moving and evolving soundscapes and atmospheres that are perfect for film, TV or games.” App type: App and AUv3 2019/11/24 07:51 ,
App Tutorials App Tutorials Tutorials for apps by forms of synthesis plus online tutorial resources. Synth Apps Apps that use synthesis to create sounds. Bit Byte Tracker Atari Inspired Trackers * Atari style 8-bit style synth sounds * 8-bit and Byte Beat style * nanoloop * SidTracker64 * snibbetracker * SunVox * VividTracker IAA Audiobus 3 USB Audio Interface Multitrack Modular * There are a wide range of modular iOS apps wit 2019/05/12 16:30 , , , , , , , , , ,
Atom Piano Roll 2 Atom Piano Roll 2 AUv3 MIDI Sequencer and cliplauncher App type: AUv3 App store link: Developer: Victor Porof Developer AB Forum Handle: @blueveek See also: * Atom Piano Roll Scripting and CSS * ATOM Piano Roll FAQ General Info (App Store Text) The most advanced MIDI note editor, modular sequencer and clip launcher on iOS. 2021/03/22 14:30 , ,
Atom Piano Roll Faq ATOM Piano Roll FAQ FAQ for Atom Piano Roll 2 COMMUNITY! PLEASE ADD YOUR QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS HERE! stub unreviewed 2021/03/18 08:11 ,
Atom Piano Roll Scripting And Css Atom Piano Roll Scripting and CSS Atom Piano Roll 2 provides extensive scripting and styling capabilities. PLEASE ADD TO THIS PAGE! Scripting Styling and CSS stub unreviewed 2021/03/18 08:08 ,
Au Features AU / AUv3 / Audio Unit * AUv3 or Audio Unit version 3 is an iOS audio app protocol created by Apple. Hosting * AUv3 apps can be hosted inside AUv3 host apps provided the AUv3 host app supports its features. Some AUv3 hosts do not support AUv3 MIDI effect apps for example. You can run mutliple instances of AUv3 apps in a 2020/02/15 05:48 , , , ,
Au Multi Bus AU Multi-Bus Audio Units & Hosts The AUv3 standard includes the feature of multiple inputs and outputs per plugin, but it was like a chicken and egg problem: since there were no hosts supporting the feature, there were no plugins that would use it and therefor no need for the hosts to implement it at all. This changed in february 2020. 2021/12/21 07:17 , , , , ,
Au Versus Iaa IAA versus AU * GarageBand Tutorial - Inter App Audio vs AU video * IAA Features * AU Features iaa au garageband video tutorial 2019/05/10 10:40 , , , ,
Audio Analysis Tips Audio Analysis Tips (Work-in-progress). Article with tips and tricks for analyzing audio. Threads Blue Mangoo's Audio Analysis tips When Blue Mangoo Software released their Compressor Audio Unit, they shared a number of insights about analyzing distortion and aliasing in the thread 2019/06/26 00:35
Audio Units iOS Audio Unit List Effect Categories notes * Glitch - includes bit crushing, sample rate reduction, and stutter effects. * Saturation v. Distortion v. Overdrive - While, there is a lot of overlap in these, tagging as such based on typical searches. 2020/02/05 04:55 , , , , , ,
Audiobus 3 Audiobus 3 "Send live audio or MIDI from one Audiobus-compatible app or AUv3 Audio Unit to another. Add effects on top of your favorite synthesizer, and use your favorite step sequencer to drive it. Or plug in your guitar, and create your own effects c 2019/11/03 06:04 , , , , , ,
Audiobus Features Audiobus Overview Audiobus Features Presets * Audiobus 3 presets of your setups can be saved with all of the settings for hosted AU apps and IAA apps with Audiobus support that have state savings. * Inside of Audiobus you can lookup to see which Audiobus features different apps support in t 2019/11/24 07:36 , , , , , , ,
Audiobus Forum Tips Audiobus Forum Tips Use this page to collect useful tips for using the Audiobus Forum more effectively. Finding Information * Searching in a thread (courtesy of forum member @dobbs): * Type your search term into either the forum search box or into Google search. 2020/11/30 13:52 , , ,
Audiobus Midi Audiobus 3 MIDI Audiobus 3 basic information. Routing Page * You can add channels for routing MIDI message generating apps and routing apps to your setups. * You can add MIDI effect IAA or AU apps to modify MIDI message streams routed through them. * Audiobus 3 2019/11/03 06:21 , , ,
Audiobus Remote Audiobus Remote "Audiobus Remote is a companion app for Audiobus which can either run on the same device or on a separate iPhone or iPad connected by Bluetooth. On newer devices running iOS 9 or later, Audiobus Remote also supports Split View and Slide Over mode. 2020/02/07 07:13 , , ,
Audiobus3 Multitrack Usb Audio Multitrack Record with USB audio interface How to record apps which are not Audiobus, IAA or AUv3 compatible on a single iOS Device. An iOS device that still has a headphone socket can use Audiobus 3 to multitrack record ANY audio producing app in stereo on a single iOS device even wit 2019/11/03 06:07
Audiolayer Exs Import AudioLayer EXS Import This article describes a method for importing EXS24 format sample instruments into AudioLayer by VirSyn. AudioLayer🏪 * Download the General_User_GS_1.471 EXS zip file from the website in Safari. You can use “open in” choose Files🏪 app, choose the directory in AudioShare🏪 where you want to store it. I 2019/12/17 15:29 , , , , ,
Audiolayer AudioLayer iOS multi-sampler that supports velocity layers and zones. Streams samples from disk. It provides a rich array of sampler features associated with desktop samplers. You can make your own instruments and also import EXS format and SFZ format instruments. 2020/11/30 10:29 , ,
Audulus 3 Audulus 3 “With Audulus, you can build synthesizers, design new sounds, or process audio. All with low latency real-time processing suitable for live performance. Audulus's user interface is clean, simple, and easy to learn, allowing you to focus on sound - now made easier than ever with nearly 100 built-in Eurorack-style modules. 2019/07/16 03:59 , , ,
Audulus Audio Spline Audio to Spline code in Audulus Description In Audulus 3🏪, a modular visual programming app, you can create splines which can be used to modulate controls in your patches. Generating complex splines can be very labor intensive. One of the users on t 2020/02/07 07:18 , , ,
Audulus Svg Icons Audulus Modular Community * Audulus 3 by Audulus LLC🏪 is a modular visual programming app for synthesis and sequencing which can and has been integrated with euroack modular setups. * It's crossplatform and the same patches can run on iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux. 2020/02/06 07:14 , , ,
Audulus Tips And Tricks Audulus Tips and Tricks Audulus 3 is a DSP and MIDI programming environment for Mac, iOS, Windows and Linux. While it has a steep learning curve if you want to program from scratch, there is a large library of modules that can be linked together as in any modular synth system. 2019/07/16 03:57
Aum Audio Mixer AUM - Audio Mixer "flexible audio mixer, recorder, and connection hub for your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Connect hardware inputs and outputs, Audio Unit extensions, Inter-App Audio apps, Audiobus, soundfile players, built-in signal processing and filters in any configuration you want." from t 2019/11/25 01:10 , , , , , ,
Auria Pro - Recovering Projects Auria Pro - Recovering Projects This article provides steps for recovering an Auria Pro project when it returns an error when opened. If an Auria Pro project crashes on launch, it is generally recoverable using the method below. Auria Pro saves a project snapshot every 10 minutes. 2019/12/28 13:06 ,
Author Tips Author Tips This page contains helpful tips and conventions for Audiobus Wiki contributors. Please give it a quick review. Want to get deeper? There are more articles related to Audiobus Wiki authoring here. These articles include tutorials about particular authoring tasks and information about non-basic features that are available to wiki authors. 2019/05/22 03:27
Auv3 Midi Recording Workarounds Many iOS DAWs that otherwise support AUv3 MIDI plugins are unable to record that MIDI to their internal sequencers. This page details workarounds for that situation. General The general method to work around the internal routing limitations of hosts that can't record AUv3 MIDI is to route the MIDI out of the host and then back into it. There are various helper apps that can make this possible. Among those are: 2022/12/21 13:00
Beatmaker 2 Beatmaker 2 From App Store descriptions: “Advanced mobile music workstation. Combining music production tools that were behind the success of countless artists, BeatMaker 2 is a powerful, easy-to-use composition interface for amateurs and professionals alike. 2020/02/07 07:06
Beatmaker 3 Beatmaker 3 Audio and MIDI workstation for iOS with integrated sampler and beat slicer. App type: App App store link: Developer: INTUA Developer AB Forum Handle: Links and Discussions This section has links to sites or Audiobus Forum discussion related to BeatMaker 3 : 2021/11/30 21:37 , , , ,
Beepstreet Drambo BeepStreet Drambo There has been a great deal of interest in it since it was first announced. In recent months, a number of videos have been posted demonstrating its many features. After a long and desperate but also somewhat entertaining wait, Drambo was officially released to the public on April 1st, 2020. 2023/04/27 07:18 , , , ,
Bitbyte 8-bit and Byte Beat Style Music * BitWiz * Square Synth 2 bytebeat 8bit tutorial 2019/11/24 07:46 , ,
Bitwiz Tutorial BitWiz with FX BitWiz is an app that creates sounds using bytebeat code the user can enter into the app. The variables for the code in the video has eight letters (x, y, a, b, m, n, u, and v) which are all controlled via MIDI CC sent out from Photon AU. BitWiz with effects video. 2019/10/31 12:03 , , , , ,
Bitwiz BitWiz Audio Synth Creates sounds using bytebeat code the user can enter into the app. User variables in the code can be controlled via MIDI CC messages. App type: App App store link: BitWiz Audio Synth Developer: Kymatica AB Developer AB Forum Handle: @j_liljedahl Additional Info Tips and Tricks 2019/10/31 11:17 , , , , ,
Bleass Delay BLEASS delay AUv3 Audio Plugin "an audio effect featuring multi purpose Delay/Echo/Frequency Shifter/High Pass and Low Pass Filters as well as Stereo Effects." from the App Store description. App type: App and AUv3 App store link: BLEASS delay AUv3 Audio Plugin Developer: BLEASS Developer AB Forum Handle 2019/10/31 10:13 , , , , , ,
Blocs Wave Blocs Wave Groove box App type: App App store link: Developer: Developer AB Forum Handle: Additional Info To delete a sample: When you’re in the Browser, just above the list of samples, are the words “Multi-Edit” with a pencil icon. Click on it. Each of the samples will now have a radio button. Click on the radio button for the one you want to delete (or as many as you wish), then click the trash can icon. Hope this helps! 2019/07/21 10:32 ,
Bluetooth Over Aum How to example : To control Bram Bos’ app Troublemaker on iPad with another phone with AUM. In setting up your send device (for this e.g. an iPhone) go into the Settings tab, scroll to the bottom to Bluetooth MIDI and touch Peripheral. Turn on to advertise your device. 2020/07/05 09:06
Borderlands Granular Borderlands Granular Borderlands Granular is a granular synthesis app with an innovative touch interface. Considered by many to be an essential sound design and sound exploration tool. App type: App App store link: Developer: Chris Carlson Audiobus Support: Yes 2019/11/24 07:37 , , , ,
Brusfri Brusfri A noise reduction app so you can isolate desired sounds from a sound source. Sample a section containing the sounds you don’t want to hear and then run the original source through the app again. You can isolate a small section in a recording and loop it to create a noise profile as an alternative to trying to hold down the button in the app by itself. 2019/06/03 06:24 , , ,
Commonly Used Abbreviations . Commonly used abbreviations Abbrev Shorthand for Explanation AB Audiobus IOS software that allows to connect audio and midi application. Currently using the IAA protocoll for inter process communication. The AB app supports AU plugins and offers application switching and application state saving and remote control (see 2019/11/05 20:10 , , , , , , , , ,
Compressor Audio Unit Blue Mangoo Compressor Audio Unit (Blue Mangoo) Clean efficient low-distortion compressor App type: AUv3 App store link: Developer: Ngo Minh Ngoc (Blue Mangoo) Developer AB Forum Handle: @Blue_Mangoo Additional Info Excellent YouTube video explaining some aspects that are unique about this plug-in when compare to other iOS audio compression apps: 2019/11/25 00:18 , , ,
Covolution Reverb And Irs Convolution Reverb and IRs (Impulse Responses) The idea behind convolution reverb based on impulse responses is to emulate the placement and recording of a sound source in a real physical space. Decades ago, one would have had to move the sound source into that space (a small room, a live stage, a concert hall, a church or simply set up a loudspeaker cabinet) and set up all the required recording equipment. Since the invention of IR-based convolution, that process has become a matter of providi… 2022/06/19 00:18 ,
Cpu Load Comparisons And Testing CPU Load Comparisons and Testing People often want to meaningfully compare CPU use in order to determine of efficient different plugins or synths are or to determine which iPad or iPhone model will give the most processing power. The CPU load indicators in many apps often give a misleading picture of how much CPU is actually being used unless the device is running at near full speed. 2022/10/11 08:00
Daws DAWs Digitl Audio Workstations @tja asked for the Forum to generate a list of essential DAW features: [ ] Host IAA Apps and effects [ ] Host AU Apps and effects # [ ] Record MIDI [ ] Edit MIDI [ ] Arrange and handle MIDI Patterns / Clips [ ] MIDI Tracks on a timeline 2019/05/06 13:17
Digitally Routing Audio Between Ios Devices Routing Audio Digitally Between iOS Devices People frequently wonder if there is a way to route audio from one iDevice to another while keeping the audio in the digital domain. In one AB Forum thread a few options have been mentioned: * a multi-device interface such as this the 2020/02/05 04:59 ,
Diy Bluetooth Midi Bridge DIY Bluetooth MIDI Bridge This page describes a project to create a device which can connect together USB MIDI gear and make them available to an iOS device over Bluetooth MIDI. The project can be made from any Raspberry Pi model that supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 2021/02/06 01:55 , , , , , , ,
Drambo Cookbook The Drambo cookbook There are many different approaches to writing a cookbook and there's no right or wrong as long as the provided content ends up being helpful for the reader. This page is work in progress and everyone who thinks can provide something useful for Drambo users, feel very welcome to add to this page! 2023/11/11 13:58
Drumjam DrumJam Drum App type: App App store link: Developer: Developer AB Forum Handle: Additional Info Start/stop/sync in AUM I'm having a really hard time getting DrumJam to start when I am using Link. If I put DrumJam in an AUM session, if I start it first, I can get it going. But if I add it to an ongoing session, it remains stuck with a 2019/07/21 11:46 , ,
Enso Looper Enso Looper Enso is an AUv3 audio looper with extensive overdub and sound mangling abilities. App type: AUv3 App store link: Developer: Audio Damage, Inc. Developer AB Forum Handle: @Chris_Randall Additional Info * Tutorial: Lower Session CPU Usage with Enso Tags au au_fx enso looper 2019/05/15 07:08 , , ,
Fac Bandit FAC Bandit "A multiband audio effect that splits the audio signal into three bands of frequencies defined by adjustable crossover points. Each band is processed independently by its own effect processor and the outputs are then recombined to produce t 2019/11/25 00:24 , ,
Fac Chorus FAC Chorus "A versatile chorus effect emulation designed to simulate the characteristics of the classic chorus modules with the flexibility of customizing the parameters of the main components involved in the signal path." from the App Store description. 2019/11/25 00:26 , ,
Fac Envolver FAC Envolver "Being a MIDI effect in its essence, controlling your synthesizers parameters (e.g. volume, cutoff, res) with MIDI CC and notes, FAC Envolver is also able to transform the input audio via two exclusive effects: a Noise Gate and a Trance Gate." from t 2019/11/25 00:26 , , ,
Fac Maxima FAC Maxima "An audio effect designed to provide automatic gain control of your audio materials to ensure that the levels stay consistent and never exceed 0dB. It's a clever combination of dynamic processors that can be set to provide a gentle transparent signal boost respecting t 2019/11/25 00:25 , , ,
Fac Transient FAC Transient "An outstanding dynamics processor providing precise design and control of the attack and sustain stages of your instrument. Transient designers or shapers are often associated with drum enhancements . . ." from the App Store description. 2019/11/25 00:27 , , , ,
Factory-modular Synthesizer Factory - Modular Synthesizer Powerful, semi-modular synthesizer released in May 2019 for iOS App type: App and AUv3 App store link: Factory - Modular Synthesizer Developer: Sugar Bytes Developer AB Forum Handle: Additional Info Factory - Modular Synth Home Page FAQ Here are some frequently asked questions about Factory. 2019/11/24 07:56 , ,
File Storage File Storage File storage on iOS is a confusing topic. iOS (and iPadOS which is just a variant) do some clever things in order to limit the inefficiencies of the sandboxing used by the OS. (Sandboxing is a technique that prevents apps from altering data used by other apps.) 2021/08/31 04:58
Florent Roux Clean Amp Demos Florent Roux Clean Amp Demo Picks (McD) Florent Roux has uploaded dozens of demo videos to his YouTube channel I'm a clean amp freak and his demo of the TH-U Polyphase (think PolyTone) is a standout for me at 9:26 but there's a world of clean amps also demo'ed for your version of 2021/08/16 11:34
Flux Fx Flux:FX FLUX:FX is a professional multi-effect audio processor app for the iPad that lets you ‘play’ your effects. Innovative, intuitive and exciting, FLUX:FX lets you manipulate any audio signal into something entirely new, and redefines the possibilities of audio and live performance in an app with an almost unlimited range of effect options. FLUX:FX is a truly authentic digital platform for designing your sound. Winner of the ANR Sonic Joy award for best iOS effects, an FWA mobile design awa… 2020/02/07 10:03 ,
Forum Gold FORUM GOLD The Audiobus Forum is a treasure trove of information about topics related to iOS music-making. There is so much information there that it can be hard to find information you are looking for. The AB Wiki's goal is to get the most valuable information added to the wiki. 2024/01/21 11:43 ,
Forum Members Map Audiobus Forum Member Locations Current locations of Audiobus Forum members as expressed in the forum thread, Where are you from? and . The information may not be current. No attempt was made to pin more specifically than the information in the post (i.e. “Florida” 2021/08/27 04:42 , ,
Forums iOS Forum Sites * Here are some forums you can visit to find out more information about how to use iOS music creation apps. The forum links take you to the forum and links in the owner section are to the App Store for developer forums. The name of t 2019/05/09 14:42
Free Ios Apps . Free music related IOS Apps Free IOS apps (some with IAP or potentially subscription approaches to create revenue for the developers). Apps are sorted by category and developer name. APP Technology IAP Description -- Host-Apps --- Apple GarageBand Host (AU +IAA) 2022/04/24 05:36 , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Frippertronics Style Looping With Aum And Kosmonaut Frippertonics Style Looping With AUM Tutorial Tutorial by martinjneuhold showing how to do Frippertonics-style looping using AUM and Kosomonaut. Dropbox link to his AUM project DelAmbient Martin uses the RE-1 Looper in place of Kosmonaut in a lovely performance 2019/05/18 05:31 , ,
Garageband GarageBand GarageBand is a free DAW from Apple with a version for iOS and another for MacOS. App type: App App store link: Developer: Apple Inc. Developer AB Forum Handle: Additional Information * IAA and AU in GarageBand (video) * The GarageBand Guide - YouTube Channel * Sync GarageBand with Link Apps - quick tutorial using Audiobus 2019/06/02 05:45 , , ,
Geoshred GeoShred The GeoShred App models the physics of a real guitar. App type: App and AUv3 App store link: Developer: Wizdom Music LLC Developer AB Forum Handle: Additional Info A winner of a 2019 Guthman New Musical Instrument Award Winner of the 2017 Electronic Musician Editor's Choice Award 2019/05/16 11:10 , , ,
Groove Rider Gr-16 Groove Rider GR-16 Groove Rider GR-16(App Store Link) from JimAudio is an IAA groovebox app inspired by hardware grooveboxes like the Korg Electribe. Videos and Tutorials Patterns and Sounds Preview (from developer Jim Pavlov) Getting Started - The Sound Test Room Nu-Trix Synth Guy’s Walk-Through 2019/11/26 13:51 , , , , ,
Gui Design GUI Design GUI for Apps * We can all recognize the difference between an app that is a joy to use versus one may we decide not to use due to their poor GUI. * GUI Graphic User Interface on iOS devices is particularly relevant to iOS music makers as they work on touch screen devices with smaller screens which are significantly different than the larger screens of desktops and laptops. 2019/11/25 00:57 , ,
Guitar Amp Sim Discussions Guitar Amp Sim Discussions Guitar amp sims are a popular topic of discussion on the Audiobus Forum. This article lists threads that may be of interest if you are searching for opinions and thoughts about iOS amp simuluations. Please add links to Audiobus Forum threads that may be of interest to people wanting to read about amp sims and hear examples. 2021/08/16 11:21
Hard And Soft Reset Hard and Soft Device Reset When you are having trouble, it is sometimes necessary to reboot your iDevice to get things working. First try a memory reset. If that does not work, a soft or a hard reboot may be necessary. Soft Reset: (like hibernating a laptop): Long-press Power button until 'slide to power off' slider appears, slide to power off. Data in memory is restored at boot. 2021/09/13 01:33 , ,
Iaa Features IAA Details * features, functions, options, and issues associated with IAA Inter-App Audio. * Generator apps create sounds. * Instrument apps can have MIDI sent to their IAA MIDI port to control them. * Effect apps receive an audio signal and effect it in some way. 2019/06/06 01:24 , , , , , ,
Iaa Startup IAA Startup Tips Your IAA has problems opening inside an IAA host app? * Close all open audio apps to make sure the IAA host app will be able to set the audio latency settings as you want. * Launch the IAA host app. * Launch the IAA app manually. * Launch any other IAA apps you will use inside the IAA host app. 2019/05/10 09:57 , , , , ,
Iap An IAP is an In-App Purchase that is processed using Apple's iStore for the transaction using your iTunes ID. 2019/05/04 16:04
Ifretless Bass iFretless Bass iFretless Bass is a virtual instrument that provides bass and guitar players with an expressive fretless playing surface. App type: App and AUv3 App store link: Developer: Ngo Minh Ngoc Developer AB Forum Handle: @bluemangoo Additional Info 2019/05/16 15:35 , , ,
Ios Apps That Work On M1 Macs Apps That Work on M1/2 Macs m1 macs Cazel has curated a list of IOS Apps that work on an M1 Mac (verified to work in Ableton): ok so here is an updated list -auv3 plugins I've been using without any issues in Live11.2b7- * Uwyn - Midi Tape Recorder * Jorge Costa - VisualSwift 2022/12/08 11:54 ,
Ios Piano Thoughts iOS Piano Thoughts (& other info) From an AB Forum Knowledge Base article posted to the Knowledge base by @LinearLineman. Original author unknown. Posted here by @Paulinko Technical Details Layers and Velocity Mapping Here's what I know about velocity. The midi spec ties a velocity value from 0-127 to every note. So a keyboard app would map some ranges it detects to values between 0-127. A velocity map in the App would align these input velocity numbers with 2 things: 2019/05/10 16:34 , ,
Itunes File Sharing iTunes File Sharing * Some apps allow you to import and export files from the app using iTunes or a third party app like iFunbox. * The types of files are specific to each app and may be, for example, recorded audio files, app presets, or wavetables. 2020/02/05 05:17 ,
Jamm Pro Jamm Pro App Store description: “Jamm Pro is the anticipated evolution of Ninja Jamm, the original touch controlled beat app. Easy to use but deep, Jamm Pro includes Ninja Jamm users most requested feature: the ability to load your own samples. As well as immense performance power, it’s packed with pro features and new ideas e.g. its modular synth-like patching capabilities. 2020/11/29 06:02 ,
Koala Sampler Koala Sampler From the App Store description: “Koala is the ultimate pocket-sized sampler. Record anything with your phone's mic instantly. Use Koala to create beats with those samples, add effects and create a track! Koala’s super intuitive interface helps you make a tracks in a flash, there is no brake pedal. You can also resample the output of the app back into the output, through the effects, so the sonic possibilities are endless. 2021/09/21 13:22 , ,
Korg Gadget 2 Korg Gadget 2 Korg Gadget 2 is an all-in-one music production system with many proprietary plugins available, mostly as In App Purchases (IAP). App type: App App store link: Developer: Korg Inc. Developer AB Forum Handle: Additional Info Tips and Useful Information 2022/01/26 08:48 , , , ,
Korg Im1 Korg iM1 Remake of Korg M1 Digital Synth from the 1980s. Huge preset collection, and powerful synthesis engine. App type: App and AUv3 App store link: Developer: Developer AB Forum Handle: Additional Info Yes, it is a synth. Actually 16 synt 2024/04/10 19:57 , , ,
Kq Dixie KQ Dixie KQ Dixie is a 6-Operator FM synthesizer that is modeled on the DX-7 synthesizer which appeared in the 1980’s. It can load most of the thousands of DX patches that can be found on the web. App type: App and AUv3 App store link: Developer 2019/10/30 14:34 , , , ,
Limiter Audio Processor Limiter - Audio Processor "A brickwall peak limiting app, for the complete control of your audio volume. It has a wide range of dynamic processing: from very gentle volume attenuation to heavy distortion" from the App Store description. App type: Audiobus and IAA 2019/11/25 00:28 , , , ,
Lk LK LK is a MIDI Clip Launcher/MIDI Sequencer and also remote control for Ableton Live App type: App and AUv3 App store link: Developer: Imaginando Developer AB Forum Handle: Additional Info Tags stub unreviewed 2021/02/12 07:57 ,
Loopy Aum Integration With Audiobus 3 Loopy/AUM Integration - Great Live Looping Setup For those that love AUM and want a multitrack looping setup, the combination of AUM, Loopy (and/or Loopy HD) and Audiobus 3 are a potent combination. While some people balk at a non-AU solution, this combination has a lot to offer and (especially if you are working with multiple co-ordinated loops and want to automatically move from recording one loop to the next) has some advantages over using AU solutions. 2019/10/31 14:59 , , ,
Loopy Hd Loopy HD “As seen on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon -- Create music with Loopy HD by layering looped recordings of singing, beatboxing, or playing an instrument with a savvy, sophisticated, tactile new looper that totally reinvents the formula. 2019/05/17 03:05 ,
Loopy Pro Action List Loopy Pro: Action List Much of the power in Loopy Pro can be unlocked through the use of Actions. Below is a handy list of available actions. Refer to the online manual for detailed information about its actions. A good way to get get familiar with various Actions is to assign one to a Widget and observe how it works. After settling in on an Action that meets your needs, you can enable it with a touchscreen gesture, or bind a MIDI controller to the Widget. 2024/04/15 03:01
Loopy Pro Compatibility Notes Loopy Pro: Compatibility Notes This page is to track AUv3 compatibility with Loopy Pro. If you have experience problems with an AUv3 in Loopy Pro that do not occur in other hosts, please add them to this page with notes explaining the problems. Before adding to the list please: 2022/01/04 02:24
Loopy Pro Direct Midi Between Two Ios Devices Loopy Pro: Direct MIDI Between Two iOS_Devices It is possible to establish a wired MIDI connection between two iOS/iPadOS devices with a regular charging cable and a USB hub. This is not Loopy specific and seems not to be well-known. All you need is a USB hub connected to one of the devices (which will require the Apple USB Camera adapter/CCK on Lightning-equipped devices) and the normal USB charging cable for the other. 2023/06/29 04:54
Loopy Pro Faq Loopy Pro: FAQ Where can I get help? Read the manual: Check the Wiki: Join the FB group: Join the Discord: and create a new thread in: #support Alternately contact [email protected] How to help fixing bugs to make Loopy Pro better and more resilient? Before posting a new thread in discord #support please make sure you are using the latest… 2024/03/05 12:08
Loopy Pro Midi Map Auv3 Parameters Loopy Pro: MIDI Map AUv3 Parameters When Loopy Pro was initially released, only AUv3 effect parameters were mappable. All AUv3 can now have their parameters mapped. There are a couple of main ways to MIDI Map Audio Unit Effect parameters: * Adding bindings to MIDI Control that map MIDI events (like CCs or notes) to AUv3 parameers 2022/06/30 06:54 ,
Loopy Pro Monitoring Through A Color Loopy Pro: Monitoring Through A Color If you have effects on a color channel, you can monitor an input through that color channel. To monitor through a color: * Show Loopy Pro's mixer. * Tap on the icon at the top of the channel that you want to monitor 2024/01/20 05:36
Loopy Pro Record Without Setting Project Tempo Loopy Pro: Record First Loop Without Setting Project Tempo When you record into a new empty project, the first loop you record typically sets the project tempo. Sometimes, people want to record some audio without setting the project tempo. There are a few options for how to do this. The one that is right for you will depend on what you are trying to do. It is planned for the future to support this more directly. 2024/01/25 08:19
Loopy Pro Resampling Setup Loopy Pro: Resampling Setup To resample clips, make a color group a destination of the clip color you want to resample. * Make sure the mixer is expanded. * Find the the color of the source clip in Loopy’s mixer. * Tap in the destination area. 2024/04/04 11:41
Loopy Pro Set Loop Lengths Loopy Pro: Setting Loop Lengths While you can set a pre-determined length for an individual clip in its settings, it is more typical (and easier) to use the Master Length setting and the Count In/Count Out settings. Recording Count-In determines when recording starts. Recording 2024/02/26 04:51
Loopy Pro Synth Routing Switch Loopy Pro: Synth Routing Switch An occasional question is how to use buttons or a dial to route a MIDI controller between different synths. This tutorial shows the approach I use. In a nutshell: * Add your controller as a MIDI source * Add each synth you want to play to the mixer 2023/11/13 05:43
Loopy Pro Troubleshooting Loopy Pro: Troubleshooting This page covers tips for troubleshooting Loopy Pro. If you have not checked Loopy Pro's manual, you may want to start by taking a look at the Loopy Pro Manual a link to it is found in Loopy Pro's Help menu. Related Troubleshooting articles: 2024/04/03 06:22 ,
Loopy Pro Tutorials Loopy Pro: Tutorials CONTRIBUTORS: please add links and summaries for any worthwhile videos you find. See also: Loopy Pro: Performance Videos A Tasty Pixel Loopy Pro creator Michael Tyson's series of Loopy Pro tips. Michael has created a large playlist that includes Loopy Pro Tutorials from quite a few different creators. 2024/04/06 04:01 ,
Loopy Pro Loopy Pro Live-looper, sampler, AUv3 host, DAW App type: App and AUv3 App store link: Developer: Michael Tyson Developer AB Forum Handle: @Michael Discord: Feature Request Voting: Loopy Pro Wiki The Loopy Pro wiki has move to loopy_pro 2024/06/18 08:01
Mac Midi Controller To Ios Via Idam Apple's iDAM can be used to route MIDI to and from iOS devices over a USB connection. However this only works for internal MIDI. You can't route an external keyboard or other controller attached to the MAC to iOS via iDAM. This article shows how to do it using the free MacOS utility 2021/08/15 06:56 , , , ,
Memory Reset Memory Reset / RAM Clear There seems to be no official name for this handy technique that kills running apps and clears RAM (memory). This often fixes mis-behaving audio and MIDI apps and is quicker than powering down or forcing a completely restart. 2019/05/23 02:58 , ,
Mfxmonitor mfxMonitor mfxMonitor🏪 is an AUv3 app for monitoring MIDI within an AUv3 host. It is an AUv3 MIDI effect app. Screenshot au au_midi_fx midi_monitor 2019/11/24 07:34 , ,
Midi Au Output Channel AU Midi Generator List The following list gathers AU plugins that generate midi, there are several general types of midi generating plugins: * Keyboards or controller surfaces, mostly MPE but they can be put in non-mpe mode (KB-1, Velocity Keyboard) 2022/03/24 20:46 , , ,
Midi Designer Pro 2 MIDI Designer Pro 2 MIDI Designer Pro 2 allows building of custom MIDI control surfaces. App type: App App store link: Developer: Confusion Studios LLC Developer AB Forum Handle: @MIDIDesigner Additional Info * The scripting language found in the StreamByter AU MIDI processor plugin is available as an In-App Purchase in MIDI Designer Pro 2. 2019/05/19 08:47 ,
Midi Routing For Multi Input Processing Midi routing for multi-channel-midi processing plugins au_midi_fx au_midi_routing midi midi_router tips_and_tricks Table of Contents: * * * * Standard routing When using several generators and synth in a hosts session, they normally connect one-to-one. The midi generator directly sending to the instrument producing the sound. 2020/03/05 07:26 , , , ,
Midifire MidiFire (From the App Store description) MidiFire is a free-form, modular CoreMIDI router, processor, monitor and clock source. App type: App App store link: Developer: Audeonic Apps Developer AB Forum Handle: @Audeonic Additional Info MidiFire is primarily 2019/10/29 08:01 ,
Midimonitor MIDI Monitoring The process of using an app to see what the various MIDI messages that are being sent and received in a particular software and/or hardware setup. This allows you to trouble shoot and verify your MIDI connections are working as you intend them to. MIDI monitoring is analogous to using an oscilloscope to see what the audio waves look like. 2020/02/07 10:09 ,
Midispy MIDIspy MIDISpy🏪 is is an AUv3 app for monitoring MIDI within an AUv3 host. It is an AUv3 MIDI effect app. Filters for notes, MIDI clock, sysex, and CC messages. Screenshot au au_midi_fx midi_monitor 2019/11/24 07:57 , ,
Mirack miRack miRack is a polyphonic Eurorack-style modular environment. It aims to provide user experience and audio quality close to those of the real Eurorack hardware. miRack can be used to build custom synthesizers, audio and MIDI effects, control other apps and equipment, as a playground to explore and learn modular synths, and for live performances. (from the App Store description) 2023/12/29 13:07 , , , , , , ,
Modstep Modstep From App Store description: “Introducing Modstep, Modulation Monster and the first full-blown MIDI sequencer for the iPad. Modstep allows you to create music and jam with your iPad and your favorite IAA Apps, Audio Units, Mac and PC software and MIDI hardware as well as the internal drum sampler and synth. Use it as the centerpiece of your setup to create and perform music on the go, in the studio and on stage. 2019/07/04 08:30 , , , ,
Modular Reading Materials Modular Reading Materials list modular This page is meant to collect books, websites, and other resources which cover principles of modular synthesis and modular systems. Feel free to add resources which may focus on a particular system, but would translate well to any modular system. 2020/03/18 20:39 ,
Modular Modular iOS apps There are a variety of modular apps with different approaches and levels of difficulty. iOS apps * AnalogKit🏪 * Audulus 3 * miRack 🏪 * MobMuPlat🏪 * rrarrow * SunVox * zMors Modular🏪 Tutorials * Audio to Spline code in Audulus and note beat patch Videos * MobMuPlat Super Looper 16 * zMors Modular Euclidean Melodic Sequencer * Older Review of Several Modular apps modular audulus analogkit sunvox tutorial video 2019/11/05 07:58 , , , , ,
Mozaic Cc Switch Mozaic: CC-Switch Original by mbncp ( Link to thread ) // CC-Switch (Mozaic v1.03) // Allows the use of a Controller to act like a switch // Usefull with controllers that return to their initial position once you release them // The state is stored for each midi channel // Off course you can also use the pads @OnLoad // Adjust to your needs TrigCC = 64 // Incoming CC to make it act like a switch OutCC = 64 // CC to send on switch change CCVal = [0,127] // CC… 2020/01/10 05:03 ,
Mozaic Flow Tutorial Mozaic: Flow Sequencer/Looper - Script Details and Tutorial This page will attempt to demystify the amazing Flow Mozaic script by @Peblin. There's a lot packed into this script and it may seem complicated to understand at first, but once one begins to use it, things fall into place. 2020/03/18 23:17 , ,
Mozaic Include Active Notes Tracker Mozaic: Include Snippet - Active Notes Tracker mozaic midi_scripting The Active Notes Tracker (Include) is a code snippet that at any time allows fast retrieval of a sorted list of active notes, their velocity and start-time for each of the midi channels. The sort-order is either oldest first or lowest note first. A per channel sequenceId allows to detect if the state of a channel changed. You just need to add 3 event calls and then can use the note trackers functionality to get an up-to-da… 2020/07/27 02:58 ,
Mozaic Include Migration Mananger Mozaic: Include Snippet - Migration Manager mozaic midi_scripting The Migration Manager (Include) is a code snippet that allows to migrate script parameters between different script versions. You just need to add 2 event calls and define 4 events for callbacks. Problem Solved by the Snippet 2021/07/16 22:20 ,
Mozaic Include Pad And Shift Manager Mozaic: Include Snippet - Pad & Shift Manager mozaic midi_scripting The Pad & Shift Manager (Include) is a code snippet that allows to detect single-/double-/triple-tap & hold interactions for all pads and the shift button of Mozaic. You just need to add 1 event calls and define 2 events for callbacks. 2020/07/23 02:51 ,
Mozaic Mutator Mozaic: MutatoR mozaic midi_scripting

MutatoR is a script ”>hosted on PatchStorage that allows to apply independant note mutations and humanization to all 16 midi channels with 64 user-defined configurations organized in 4 banks.

2020/09/06 08:40 ,
Mozaic Plugin Engine Mozaic Plugin Engine Mozaic allows you to create your own AUv3 plugins through a programming language designed for this purpose. The app includes control surfaces with customizable knobs, pads, and an XY controller. It has an integrated development environment (IDE) with code completion and syntax guide for writing scripts. 2022/01/04 02:55 , , ,
Mozaic Scripts List Mozaic: Available Scripts List An official Mozaic user script repository has been established at hosting around 305 scripts (27.04.2023) Script Download and Installation To load scripts from * Go to Patchstorage a browser on your iPad/phone. * Pick Mosaic on the main page. Navigate to the desired patch. 2024/03/20 09:20 , , ,
Mozaic Tips And Tricks Mozaic: Scripting Tips & Tricks mozaic midi_scripting tips_and_tricks This wiki page contains programming tips & tricks for Mozaic * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * NoteOn Velocity 0 Special Case From -ki The Midi Spec allows to use a NoteOn command with velocity zero instead of a NoteOff command. If this combination is received by Mozaic, this midi command is automatically converted to 
NoteOff vel 0 - even for the @OnMi… 2021/07/01 21:41 , ,
Mpe Instruments MPE Instrument Apps List of iOS Instrument apps that can process MPE Midi. Please provide any updates or corrections you may be aware of! See also: * MPE Software Controller Apps * Audiobus thread on MPE Synths (initial thread) * List of Midi generators List of iOS Instrument apps that can process MPE Midi: * Copperhead, WaveCloud 2024/02/12 11:15 ,
Mpe Sw Controller MPE Software Controller Apps A list of MPE iOS apps than can be used to generate MPE Midi. There are a number of iOS applications that can generate MPE Midi note and controller information. This wiki attempts to provide details of the MPE implementation of the various controllers. Please do provide any additions or corrections you may be aware of. 2020/02/05 04:23 ,
Multi Channel Midi Processing Setup In Audiobus Work In Progress {x{tag>[audiobus au_midi_fx au_midi_routing midi midi_router tips_and_tricks}} The tags line is visible because i've added a syntax eror so that this page isn't yet linked to the rest of the wiki. . Multi-Channel-Midi Processing Setup in AudioBus 2020/03/06 19:10
Mutitrackusbaudio Multitrack Record with USB audio interface How to record apps which are not Audiobus, IAA or AUv3 compatible on a single iOS Device. An iOS device that still has a headphone socket can use Audiobus 3 to multitrack record ANY audio producing app in stereo on a single iOS device even wit 2020/02/07 10:10
Namespace Namespaces (Dokuwiki) The Audiobus Wiki is a Dokuwiki wiki. Namespace is Dokuwiki's way of talking about directories that its content files are sorted into. Unless you are authoring wiki content, you may remain blissfully ignorant of what a Dokuwiki namespace and consider yourself blessed. 2020/02/07 06:56
Nanoloop nanoloop nanoloop🏪 is a tracker style synthesizer app. Videos * Performance by nokonohou * Mo Kilby Jam nanoloop tracker video 2019/05/10 01:17 , ,
Nanostudio 2 Nanostudio 2 NanoStudio 2 is a powerful music production environment for recording, synthesis, sampling, arranging, editing and mixing. It’s the successor to the original NanoStudio, an app held in high regard by musicians for many years for its usability, quality and productivity. (App store description) 2021/11/06 08:06 ,
Navigation Experiments The DIR plugin can list pages. Find more information via the plugin page at 2019/05/11 11:31
Noise NOISE NOISE is a free app from Roli to make music mobile. It also offers additional sound packs of instruments, drums and loops. App type: App and AUv3 App store link: Developer: ROLI Ltd. Developer AB Forum Handle: Tags mpe 2019/05/16 11:12
Notable Videos Notable Videos This page contains links to notable videos related to iOS music creation. Perhaps some of these videos deserve their own articles. The Videos Mylar Melodies - Xynthesizr, Gadget, AUM and Moogfest Mylar Melodies walks through the apps he used for his iPhone-only Moogfest set. 2019/05/15 09:58 ,
Official Support Contacts Support & Contact Details for iOS Music Apps Audiobus Pty Ltd * FORUM HANDLE @Michael * WEBSITE * EMAIL [email protected] ---------- Living Memory Software * FORUM HANDLE @LivingMemorySoftware * WEBSITE * EMAIL [email protected] 2020/02/17 19:21 , , , , , , ,
Online Ios Video List of iOS Music Related Video Channels and Sites The descriptions below are very brief, visit their sites via the links to get a better sense of what their videos have to offer. For additional videos, many app developers have videos on their website listed wit 2020/11/23 17:43 , , , ,
Patterning 2 Patterning 2 Patterning 2 is the next generation of the award-winning circular drum machine. Create beats like never before in a beautiful, intuitive interface that is both easy to use and brimming with features for the experienced producer. App type 2019/07/03 12:49 , ,
Perforator Perforator "A rhythmic gating audio effect: it will creatively snip, cut, gap and filter incoming audio to create rhythmic patterns out of sustained sounds. By tuning the slice environment you can create anything from classic staccato trance gate sounds to emulations of sloppy pumping sidec 2020/02/05 05:33 , , , ,
Photon Au Photon AU "MIDI Recorder with Pad playback and Groove" from the App Store description. App type: AUv3 App store link: Photon AU Developer: Anthony Saunders Facebook Developer AB Forum Handle: @midiSequencer Additional Info Tips and Tricks Videos au au_midi_fx midi_recorder 2019/11/25 01:19 , ,
Pure Acid Pure Acid App store description: Pure Acid is a top quality bassline synthesizer and drum machine in one app! Inspired by classic hardware bassline synthesizers and rhythm machines, which changed musical world back in 80's, like the legendary TB-303 synthesizer, TR-808 / 707 / 909 rhythm boxes and their numerous replicas, Pure Acid is designed to bring back the feeling of retro analog gear in every detail in terms of sound, as well as to provide new functions previously unavailable in the origi… 2021/11/02 05:11 , , , , ,
Pythonista Als To Midifile Converter Pythonista: Ableton Live Set (ALS) to MIDI converter script This Pythonista script installs a share extension to convert Ableton Live Set export files into MIDI files containing the notes of the exported tracks. How to install: * First you need to install a newer version of the midiutil 2020/04/22 18:40 , ,
Quanta Granular Synth Quanta Granular Synth Quanta is a six-voice granular Standalone and AUv3 synthesizer. App type: App and AUv3 App store link: Developer: Audio Damage Inc. Developer AB Forum Handle: Additional Info au au_inst mpe granular 2019/05/16 15:30 , , ,
Quantum Quantum Quantum builds on MidiSequencer to effectively give you 6 MidiSequencer apps in one package but with lots of additional functionality & cross-modulation/sync to bring you step sequencing features rivaling many hardware step sequences. Integration with Ableton Link & Audiobus 3 midi, as well as sharing documents via airplay, Dropbox or email, bring additional functionality and a much improved user experience. 2019/10/08 12:31 ,
Recent Changes Recent Changes This page lists pages added or updated in the past seven days. NOTE: This does not include pages in the wiki or talk namespaces as they contain articles primarily of interest to frequent wiki contributors. See recent changes for recent changes in the wiki namespace. There is also a page for recent changes in the 2019/05/16 10:18
Recent Talk Recent Changes This page lists pages added or updated in the talk namespace in the past seven days. Recently Added Files Recently Changed Files Recently Deleted Files 2019/05/12 03:34
Record Midi From Auv3 Midi Plugins In Nanostudio 2 Recording Output from AUv3 MIDI Plugins in NanoStudio 2 NanoStudio 2 is able to host and use AUv3 MIDI plugins, but it isn't able to record their output to the piano roll as of this writing Nov. 5, 2021. Workarounds for this involve routing the MIDI out of NS2 and then back in on another track. The most commonly mentioned method is to use a the MIDI Route plugin from the 2022/07/12 03:02 , , , ,
Reslice ReSlice Audio Slice Machine for iPad and iPhone. Slice your audio samples with ReSlice and create flexible musical atoms which can be triggered by MIDI notes or the touch of your fingers. The polyrhythm Arpeggiator redefines the art of creating new loops from the extracted slices. Record live or import audio from clipboard or AudioShare to break it up into its rhythmic components. Apply the intelligent slice parameter and Arpeggio randomizer for instant creation of the unheard. (Developer des… 2020/01/01 06:39 , ,
Rpn To Apple RPN the Road to 🍏 iOS Music Tech Standards This series will discuss how iOS: * Effects the music we make * Our Workflow Mathematical Notation * How notation influences behavior * Learned Notation=correct * Here's Audiobus Forum thread which inspired this page. Math Class 2019/05/11 05:36
Rrarrow rrarrow A modular effects app that has IAA support and 20 different blocks/modules that can be used as part of your sound chain. Each module can be MIDI controlled. App type: App App store link: rrarrow Developer: Alexy Nadzharov Developer AB Forum Handle: Additional Info 2019/10/31 04:25 , ,
Samplr Samplr Samplr is a touch-based sample playback app that is widely considered the epitome of a touch-based interface that provides a unique sample-based instrument with eight engaging modes of operation. The Samplr website provides a good overview. App type: App 2020/05/05 04:05 , ,
Screenshots And Screenrecordings Screenshots and Screen Recordings When getting support for software problems, screenshots and screen recordings are very helpful for communication to others either how you have set things up or for demonstrating a problem or helpful hint. You can take a screenshot or make a screen recording on the devices itself. There isn't a need for a camera or other device. 2024/04/12 07:43
Scythe Synthesizer Scythe Synthesizer 2020: renamed to WaveStorm and some new features and AUv3 added. An Audiobus-compatible IAA wavetable synthesizer from BitMask Studio. There is also a different synth from another developer called Scythe. App type: App App store link 2020/12/23 04:10 , ,
Seaboard 5d Seaboard 5D Seaboard 5D is a touch-responsive screen MPE keyboard for making music. It offers Five Dimensions of Touch: Strike, Glide, Slide, Press and Lift. App type: App App store link: Developer: ROLI Ltd. Developer AB Forum Handle: Additional Info 2019/05/16 11:04
Sector SECTOR From App Store description: “Proud winner of a 2015 Electronic Musician Editors’ Choice Award! Slice and sequence your loops with a matrix of markov-chain connections. Introduce order with the probability based coin-flipping pattern sequencer. Bend time with warp functions for glitches and modulations. Tweak and trigger in real time performance. Get anything between rigid control and random chaos. 2020/02/05 05:08 , , ,
Sidtracker64 SidTracker64 SidTracker64🏪 is a tracker style synthesizer app. Videos * The Sound Test Room Demo and Tutorial * Tim Webb Let's Play tracker video tutorial 2019/11/27 00:29 , ,
Snibbetracker snibbetracker snibbetracker🏪 is a tracker style synthesizer app. Videos * Catslayer 2 Performance * Junk Nation Track tracker snibbetracker performance video 2019/05/10 01:20 , , ,
Sonobus Sonobus Sonobus is a free easy to use application and AUv3 plug-in for streaming high-quality, low-latency peer-to-peer audio between devices over the internet or a local network. It can be used to stream one or more audio streams between networked devices (desktop and mobile) and can even be used to on an iPad or iPhone to stream to itself in order to get audio streams into and out of apps that support AUv3 but not IAA or Audiobus protocols. 2021/04/03 03:17 ,
Spectrum Synthesizer Bundle Spectrum Synthesizer Bundle AUv3 port of several popular Mutable Instruments Eurorack modules. The modules are * Spectrum (based on MI Plaits) * Modal (based on MI Elements) * Resonator (based on MI Rings) * Granular (based on MI Clouds) App type: AUv3 App store link: Developer 2020/03/02 10:06 , , , ,
Squaresynth2 Square Synth 2 SquareSynth 2🏪 is an 8-bit style AUv3 synthesizer app. Videos The Sound Test Room Tactile Machines au au_inst tracker video 2019/11/24 07:58 , , ,
Stagelight Sfz Import Stagelight SFZ Import * This tutorial on importing SFZ sample instruments into Stagelight🏪 doesn't discuss how to create them, that information can be found at SFZ. Problems Importing SFZ * Stagelight initially only supported SFZ 1 specifications only. T 2020/02/05 05:44 , , ,
Streambyter Cc High Range Remap StreamByter: CC High Range Remap with GUI The following script allows to remap the values of a specific CC. Values higher than a threshold are remapped to a new range. One of its use-cases is to remap the x-axis of an XY CC controller sending CC-1 vibrato messages to slowly fade in only in the right half of the XY controller and at the same time limit the maximum vibrato depth at the right edge of the XY controller to a specific range. 2021/05/15 22:27 ,
Streambyter Channel Filter StreamByter: Channel Filter with GUI Here’s a StreamByter script that allows to filter for a specific input channel range, only midi events that are inside this range will be echoed to the output of the script. # === Midi Channel Filter with GUI === # Version: 1 / 01.03.2020 # Author: -ki # # Instructions: # Use the sliders for channel setup and then store/recall # the settings together with the hosts session. # # ——— No need to modify anything i… 2020/03/01 20:48 ,
Streambyter Force Channel StreamByter: Force Channel with GUI streambyter midi_scripting Here’s a StreamByter script that allows to force all incomming midi on a specific output channel range. # === Force Midi Channel with GUI === # Version: 1 / 04.03.2020 # Author: -ki # # Instructions: # Use the slider for channel setup and then store/recall # the settings together with the hosts session. # # ——— No need to modify anything in the script itself ——- # ———————-———————-———… 2020/03/05 07:15 ,
Streambyter Gr-16 Output Midi Mapper StreamByter: GrooveRider GR-16 output mapper GrooveRider GR-16 outputs midi on separate channels per pad. This StreamByter script changes the MIDI output from GR-16 to configurable notes and channels. The script below maps the bottom row of pads to to RuisMaker on MIDI channel 10, but can be configured for other apps by changing the note and channel mappings. 2022/01/05 01:13 , ,
Streambyter Set Channel By Note StreamByter: Set Channel by Note Here’s a StreamByter script for changing channels from a keyboard that doesn’t have onboard channel change, such as the NanoKEY Studio. Play a note from A7 to C8 to change the channel. # Script to change midi channel from keyboards that # don’t have the ability to change it on-board # A7 = ch1, A#7 = ch2 ... C8 = ch16 IF LOAD ASS L0 = 0 #Start with no channel offset SET LB0 S— SET LB1 S— END # Detect note A7 or higher IF M0 >= 80 IF M0 <= 9F IF M… 2019/11/05 07:53 ,
Streambyter StreamByter & Available Scripts List StreamByter is a (now free) MIDI processor plugin for creating custom MIDI effects. It has a scripting language designed around manipulating MIDI messages. Optional GUI components linked to the code can be used. 2022/04/04 18:06 , , ,
Strng strng From the app store description: “Strng is a string synthesiser inspired by the karplus-strong algorithm. The physical modelling starts with a short burst of noise that then guided by a tuned delay buffer and string tension filter, generates plucked string like sounds. No samples are used. 2019/11/24 07:58 , ,
Studiomux-aum Effect Loop Setup StudioMux-AUM Effects Loop Setup Sometimes it is preferable to use AUM as a host for your IAA apps and AUv3 rather than the StudioMux app. This article walks you through setting that up. Main steps (Mac using Ableton Live): * Launch the StudioMux server on your desktop device 2022/01/22 08:17
Studiomux studiomux App Store description: studiomux streams Audio, Midi and OSC via the simple USB cable and completely integrates iOS into your music production environment. Use your music apps just like you would use any other plug-ins. Use Midi controllers connected to your Mac or PC to control apps running on iOS. Or send OSC messages to compatible software. All via the standard USB cable, reliably at a low latency. Sync your musical Apps on multiple iOS devices with the gorgeous new sync tool Ablet… 2022/01/22 07:51 ,
Sunvox Old See SunVox 2020/01/25 05:36
Sunvox SunVox From the App Store: “SunVox is one of the most powerful music creation tools for iOS. It is a small and fast cross-platform modular synthesizer with pattern based sequencer (tracker).” It can be run as both an AUv3 and IAA app. As an IAA app, it can be used as an audio effect. 2020/01/25 06:49 , ,
Sync Garageband With Link Apps Using Audiobus to Sync GarageBand with Link Enabled Apps GarageBand doesn’t support Ableton Link, but it can send MIDI clock. Audiobus now has the ability to receive MIDI clock and bridge to Link. By combining GarageBand and Audiobus it’s possible to sync all apps together. 2019/06/02 06:15 , , ,
Textastic Wiki Update Textastic Markdown Upload / Update Wiki Tutorial * How to upload your updated wiki pages directly to the wiki using the Textastic 7🏪 built in web browser. wiki_authoring 2019/05/16 10:19
Thumbjam ThumbJam ThumbJam is a powerful musical performance experience for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch You get over 40 high-quality real instruments multi-sampled exclusively for this app. Hundreds of included scales allow you to effortlessly play in any style from rock to classical, whether you are a musical novice or a seasoned professional. Even if you've only played air guitar, ThumbJam lets you sound like a pro. Pick an instrument and jam 2020/02/05 05:06 , , ,
Trackers Tracker Apps inspired by Atari based music apps. Atari Trackers description, history, and current apps. Videos What is a tracker? Tracker Player Comparisons tracker history tutorial video 2019/05/10 21:16 , , ,
Tutorial Lower Session Cpu Usage With Enso Lower Session CPU Usage With Enso This tutorial illustrates using Enso Looper by Audio Damage, Inc. to reduce heavy CPU usage one can encounter using synth apps and plug-ins in apps such as AudioBus, AUM, and Ape Matrix. Summary The method is summarized as follows: * Add Enso as an FX to capture output from an app 2019/05/10 02:27 , , ,
Tutorials Tutorials A list of different types of tutorials. * App Tutorials * Wiki Author Tutorials 2019/05/06 17:58
Velocity Keyboard By Blue Mangoo Velocity Keyboard Velocity Keyboard is a velocity sensitive onscreen keyboard from Blue Mangoo the creators of iFretless Bass and other iOS instruments. App type: AUv3 App store link: Developer's Audiobus forum handle is: @Blue_Mangoo Videos The following videos demonstrate this app. 2019/11/25 00:45 , , , ,
Vividtracker VividTracker VividTracker🏪 is a tracker style synthesizer app. Videos * VividTracker YouTube Channel * Korg Volca Sampler Support tracker tutorial video 2019/11/27 00:29 , ,
Wavetables Wavetables This is placeholder text -- please replace this with meaningful text. Wavetable synthesis is a form of synthesis that makes use of a waveform as its source rather than an algorithmically-generated waveform. A wavetable can be as simple as a single-cycle waveform or (more commonly) a series of single-cycle waveforms that are encapsulated in an audio file (often .wav format). 2020/10/23 08:25
Xequence Midi Workstation Xequence 2 MIDI Workstation Xequence 2 is a comprehensive, fast & stable MIDI sequencer, editor, arranger & controller for iPhone & iPad. It is the perfect companion both for hardware and for AUM & AB3 to create a modular, “DAW-like” music production environment on iOS. 2022/11/22 00:12 , , ,
Youtube Ios App Demos A resource list of iPad and iPhone music app content creators. Useful resource for App Developers wanting to promote their Apps and iOS Music Makers wanting tutorials and content relating to iOS music production apps, synths, effects and DAWs Red Sky Lullaby The Sound Test Room Jakob Haq 2021/01/29 03:42 , , ,
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