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 The [[http://synthyfrog.com/technology-is-abletonlink/|Ableton Link Apps List on the Synthyfrog website]] lists about 180 apps with link support. The [[http://synthyfrog.com/technology-is-abletonlink/|Ableton Link Apps List on the Synthyfrog website]] lists about 180 apps with link support.
-===== Ableton Live Set (ALSFile Format ===== +\\  
-The ALS file format is an XML file format (packed with zip compressionthat can contains midi notes and automation data from multiple tracks.+=== Link Details === 
 +<sub>Copied over from [[https://forum.audiob.us/discussion/32514/ios-music-app-protocols-iaa-auv3-and-link|InfoCheck's AB Forum Knowledgebase Thread]]</sub> 
 +  - Any Link enabled apps on the same network or device can be synced together including apps on different iOS devices provided they're on the same network. 
 +  - The more recent update to Link by Ableton provides the ability to have the link app respond to transport controls. Not all apps or host apps support this functionality. 
 +  - If an IAA app is synced to a host via host sync and the IAA host app is Link enabled, then the IAA is also Link synced even thoough the IAA app may not have Link or Link isn't enabled. 
 +  - A hosted IAA app can be eiher Link or IAA host synced, not both. 
 +  - An IAA host app can have hosted IAA synced apps running inside of itwhich are hosted via IAA host sync while the IAA host app itself is also synced via Link (Link enabled). 
 +  - AUv3 apps sync to the AUv3 host app which may or may not be Link enabled. 
 +  - You can set whether or not a Link enabled app notifies you when a new app joins or leaves the Link network. 
 +  - The app 'MIDI Link Sync' can generate link sync from midi clock signals coming from external hardware or generate midi clock from the link signal bridging these two worlds. 
 +===== Ableton Live Set (ALS File===== 
 +The ALS file format is an XML file format packed with zip compression that can contain  
 +  * midi notes 
 +  * automation data 
 +  * sample triggers  
 +  * sample data (wav or aiff)  
 +  * plugin chain information 
 +  * tempo information 
 +for multiple instrument tracks and the master track
-Apps with ALS export: +\\ 
-  * Gadget +
-  * Groovebox +
 +The following table contains a list of apps capable of exporting ALS, the types of data thee files contain and what file extension is used.
 +^Apps with ALS Export ^Midi  ^Samples ^Filetype ^Info ^ 
 +| BeatHawk | ✘ | ✔ | .zip with //project//.als and //project//-Lite.als | |  
 +| BlocksWave | ✘ | ✔ | .zip with //project//.als | |
 +| Elastic Drums | ✘ | ✔ | .zip with //project//.als and //project//-Lite.als | |  
 +| Gadget | ✔ | ✘ | .als (gzip-packed !) with //project// als-file without extension |  |
 +| Groovebox | ✔ | ✘ | ? | |
 +| Patterning 1 | √ | ✔ | .zip with //project//.als and //project//-Lite.als | Midi only for track #1 |
 +| Patterning 2 | ✘ | ✔ | .zip with //project//.als and //project//-Lite.als |  |
 +The [[https://www.ableton.com/en/live/compare-editions/#export-enabled-ios-apps|Ableton Live website]] contains a list with some more IOS apps capable of exporting ALS.
 +=== ALS to MIDI converter ===
 +Using the Pythonista IOS python interpreter and a [[pythonista_als_to_midifile_converter|python script]] it is possible to convert the midi of the the exported ALS file into a MIDI file containing the exported tracks directly on the IOS device.
 {{tag>Ableton_Live_Set Link }} {{tag>Ableton_Live_Set Link }}
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