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Commonly used abbreviations

Abbrev Shorthand for Explanation
AB Audiobus An IOS software that allows to connect audio and midi application. Currently using the IAA protocoll for inter process communication. The AB app supports AU plugins and offers application switching and application state saving and remote control (see Audiobus features)
AB3 Audiobus 3 Third version of the AudioBus protocoll
ABF Audiobus Forum The main forum for IOS musicians and developers
AD Audio Damage A company offering audio plugins
AM Amplitude Modulation Sound synthesis: Modulating the volume of an audio signal with another audio signal (Wikipedia)
AU Audio Unit Apples audio plugin format for Audio and Midi plugins, currently version 3 (AUv3)
AU Host Audio Unit Host An application that can load plugins in the AUv3 format
AUM Audio Mixer An audio mixing app (like Audiobus) with support for user defined channel routing, supports IAAs and AUv3. AUM itself can be loaded in Audiobus to achieve state saving and process switching for IAAs
AUv3 Audio Unit Version 3 Apples audio plugin format for Audio and Midi plugins, there are several plugin subtypes types depending on the inputs and outputs of the plugin (see AU features, or for list of AUs and hosts)
BM3 Beat Maker 3 An audio and MIDI workstation app
CC Control Change A group of 119 midi message for parameter changes, sometimes also named continuous controller
CCK Camera Connection Kit A dongle to connect USB devices like audio or midi interfaces to the lightning port
CPP Chord Poly Pad A MIDI chords player app with AB3 state-saving support
DAW Digital Audio Workstation A software used for recording, editing and producing audio files. (Wikipedia)
EQ Equalizer A plugin or app adjusting the balance between frequency components (Wikipedia)
FF FabFilter A company offering audio plugins
FM Frequency Modulation Sound synthesis: Modulating the frequency of an audio signal with another audio signal generates interesting (often inharmonic) overtones (Wikipedia)
IAA Inter-App-Audio An Apple audio / midi protocoll to connect stand-alone, fullscreen applications (see IAA features)
MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface A technical standard that describes a communications protocol, digital interface, and electrical connectors that connect a wide variety of electronic musical instruments, computers, and related audio devices for playing, editing and recording music
OT Off topic Discussions not related to the forums or threads main topic
SB Sugar Bytes A company offering audio plugins
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