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 +###Audulus Modular Community
 +* Audulus 3 by Audulus LLC[🏪](https://​itunes.apple.com/​us/​app/​audulus-3/​id1027525593?​mt=8) is a modular visual programming app for synthesis and sequencing which can and has been integrated with euroack modular setups.
 +* It's crossplatform and the same patches can run on iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux.  ​
 +* [Audulus Community Members](https://​forum.audulus.com/​c/​learn/​svg-tutorials) developed a way to share GUI icons they created in their patches as a way to understand each others patches.
 +* They leveraged the power of the app's modular approach to synthesis.
 +* Custom GUI icons in the patches of developers who contributed significant modules had their approaches adopted by other users as they recognized the quality of both the synthesis and ease of use.
 +{{tag> Audulus GUI_design modular user_community eurorack visual_programming}}
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